6 Years: Living and Breathing Workplace Bullying

This New Years I’m giving thanks to all of you who have supported my work and helped me create a powerful network of websites and videos.  Top on the list is my tech guru and  videographer, Patrick Perrotto, who has always been there.  He freely donated the use of his state of the art broadcast quality equipment and did much of the driving.

Over the years we’ve been to Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, New York (numerous times), Virginia (numerous times), Pennsylvania and Canada and I even took a few solos to Wisconsin, Texas & Wales.  Pat arranged for Ed Hollema to donate his services as Audio & Asst Camera.   Let me put it this way, had we all been paid for our time, services, and equipment it would have easily cost upwards of $200,000+.  I am forever indebted to them both.  Feel free to help by making a donation of any size.

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OurBullyPulpit.com Sponsors ‘Take Action’ Screenings During ‘Freedom From Workplace Bullying Week’

Advocating With Film To Raise Awareness About Workplace Bullying

Many thanks for your surprising support!  Advocates and victim/targets all over the country – and even Australia – are taking part in our use film to create change initiative for both individual and community actions. 

Some of the actions include: 

  • Screening Partyyour_stories1.jpg
  • Mailing DVD to local legislators
  • Lobbying
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • College courses
  • Trainings
  • Sharing with fellow employees who are being bullied
  • Sharing with family members, friends, and co-workers to show the impact of workplace bullying and validate the experience
  • Donating to local library

DVDs have gone out to people across the country in states including:

  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Massachusetts
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Texas
  • and even outside the U.S. to Australia



external image DVD_TBL.jpg
Wow! The DVD’s featuring moving personal stories that we offered yesterday for free to use in fighting against workplace bullying have been claimed! However, for a limited time or until they run out, if you are in the U.S. and willing to pay for postage we will send one to each person who emails a request. The only caveat is the same – you have to let us know how you used the DVD to educate others about this issue. Be creative and get the word out!  [More Information]

Each DVD contains Tracey’s LawMarlene’s LawJodie’s Law, and the first episode of What Really Killed Kevin Morrissey. Use PayPalto pay for shipping and receive a Free DVD or Send your request to OurBullyPulpit@gmail.com

New Initiative Stares Down Workplace Bullying

Our Bully Pulpit
 combines the power of original documentary film and the reach of multiple media platforms to spark a movement that exposes the devastating effects of workplace bullying. Accurate information, reliable sources, new voices and new ideas are all housed within the new interactive home at ourbullypulpit.com.

Catherine Mattice, president of Civility Partners, LLC, a consulting firm focused on eradicating bullying and other negative behaviors, says, “There are a lot of consultants, therapists, professionals and targets with a point of view and lessons learned to share. Our Bully Pulpit provides a means for them to be heard and to learn from each other. Bullying can only be eradicated if we all work together.”

Real People/Reel Stories of Workplace Bullying

No longer a silent epidemic in the U.S., the workplace bullying issue is increasingly being exposed as a devastating mental, emotional and financial burden for both employees and employers.  Founded by documentary filmmaker Beverly Peterson, Our Bully Pulpit provides a forum for informed discussion, will tackle misconceptions about workplace harassment, and will provide tools for legislative and institutional change. Opportunities for experts and the general public—including those most directly affected—to join the dialogue, are the cornerstone of Our Bully Pulpit’s mission to encourage trans-media conversation and action.  Last year Ms. Peterson presented portions of this project at the prestigious 2010 7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying & Harassment in Cardiff, Wales.

“For over four years I’ve been using my skills as a filmmaker to tell powerful and emotional stories of victims of workplace bullying,” says Ms. Peterson. “I’m deeply moved by the conversations that the films have inspired and am expanding my efforts to illuminate more aspects of this damaging issue while at the same time providing a portal for journalists, legislators, practitioners, researchers and targets of workplace abuse to come together.”

Documentary Footage, Resources and a Cross-Media Digital Platform

Currently, the first of nine web installments of Ms. Peterson’s original documentary, “What Really Killed Kevin Morrissey?” is accessible on ourbullypulpit.com, and the remaining installments will be rolled out on the web over the next several months. The documentary footage examines the controversial story that made headlines one year ago: the suicide of Kevin Morrissey of literary journal Virginia Quarterly Review and allegations that his boss and editor, Ted Genoways, had bullied him. The first installment’s launch was featured in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education written by, Robin Wilson, the first journalist to report about Kevin’s suicide.  “What Really Killed Kevin Morrissey?” illuminates and sparks debate on the complicating factors woven into the fabric of workplace bullying, turning the conventional conversation around bullying and harassment on its head.

“It’s a ‘transmedia’ approach. By utilizing every available platform to us, including film, the Internet and digital tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipages, we can dig a little deeper and make real progress in a shorter amount of time,” added Ms. Peterson.

Tell Your Story!

Redirect: https://bullyinworkplace.com/your-stories/

EEOC Takes Aim at Age Discrimination!

It’s important to know your rights…in many cases bullying IS already illegal

[Press Release from EEOC]

EEOC Explores Plight Of Older Workers In Current Economic Climate

Commission Hears Poignant Testimony of Employee Discharged After 31 Years, Panelists Discuss Scope of Age Discrimination

WASHINGTON— At a meeting held today, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission heard testimony that age discrimination is causing the nation’s older workers to have a difficult time maintaining and finding new employment, a problem exacerbated by the downturn in the economy. The number and percentage of age discrimination charges filed with the EEOC have grown, rising from 16,548 charges — 21.8 percent of all charges — filed in fiscal year 2006, to 22,778 —24.4 percent — in fiscal year 2009.  Continue reading