6 Years: Living and Breathing Workplace Bullying

This New Years I’m giving thanks to all of you who have supported my work and helped me create a powerful network of websites and videos.  Top on the list is my tech guru and  videographer, Patrick Perrotto, who has always been there.  He freely donated the use of his state of the art broadcast quality equipment and did much of the driving.

Over the years we’ve been to Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, New York (numerous times), Virginia (numerous times), Pennsylvania and Canada and I even took a few solos to Wisconsin, Texas & Wales.  Pat arranged for Ed Hollema to donate his services as Audio & Asst Camera.   Let me put it this way, had we all been paid for our time, services, and equipment it would have easily cost upwards of $200,000+.  I am forever indebted to them both.  Feel free to help by making a donation of any size.

In a few short years we’ve already finished 3 short films that share the stories of targets of workplace bullying.  Right now, we’re in the process of launching a longer film about the tragic suicide of the Virginia Quarterly Review’s Managing Editor, Kevin Morrissey that captured major media attention when his death was linked to workplace bullying. Kevin’s boss, Ted Genoways, quickly became the ‘poster boy’ for advocates seeking workplace bullying legislation. And, although an investigation found Genoways innocent of bullying, Kevin’s surviving sister, Maria, has joined the lobbying effort. This compelling drama sheds new light on the highly charged and troubling aspects of this issue.

Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished:

** 50 Best Blogs On Bullying **

** Chicken & Egg, “I Believe in You” New Media Grant  **

This October we sponsored Take Action Screenings and donated DVDs for use by advocates to spread the word about workplace bullying.  Actions included: Screening Parties, Mailing DVDs to local legislators, Lobbying, Town Hall Meeting, College courses, Trainings, Sharing with fellow employees who are being bullied, Sharing with family members, friends, and co-workers to show the impact of workplace bullying and validate the experience, Donating to local library,  In the following states: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, and even outside the U.S. in Canada and Australia.

The original site, NoJobIsWorthThis.com, has been re-developed and integrated into OurBullyPulpit.org.  It offers visitors: “Resources” that include links to free HR Policy Templates, Gov’t & Non-Profit Orgs offering counseling and help, a News Archive, Research papers, Books.  NoJobIsWorthThis.com now features our “Virtual Town Hall” with videos of victims testimony from all across the country.  Helping to create audiences are our Twitter, Facebook Groups, YouTube Channel, Vimeo, blip.tv channels and others.  Our WIKI allows site visitors to share information and resources allowing to be on the way to becoming a vital resource for advocates and legislators.

Our Blog explores new alternatives and exposes myths the mainstream media perpetuate about this topic.  Guest articles feature perspectives from HR, Lawyers, Victims featured in our videos, Mediators and many more.

International Educational Coalition on Workplace Bullying: Co-created social media platform that crosses geographic boundaries to join psychologists, lawyers, researchers, business & Human Resource representatives, advocates and victims in a public discourse about workplace bullying. The FACEBOOK page has received 200,000 visits in its first year.

Our Press

  • Chronicle of Higher Education, “Documentary Delves Into a Suicide and Allegations of Workplace Bullying at a Literary Review,” Robin Wilson, August 2011
  • The Hook, “The Bully Pulpit: Documentary Explores VQR Tragedy,” Dave McNair, August 2011
  • Business WeekThe Big Business of Office Bullies, Spencer Morgan, October, 2010
  • The Recorder, “2010 Woman and Film Festival Boasts Biggest Turnout Yet”, November 10, 2011
  • NY1 News, Story re-broadcast, 2010, Interviewed and Featured in throughout the state
  • Cited as Resource in The HR Toolkit by Denise A. Romano, 2010, McGraw Hill

Our Conference & Festival Presentatios:

  • 2010 7th International Conference on Workplace bullying & Harassment in Cardiff, Wales.
  • 2010 Women and Film Festival, “Unlocked Images,” New Britain Museum, CCSU
  • 2010 12th Northeast Conference on Educational Character [Screening only]
  • 2009 11th Northeast Conference on Educational Character [Present for Discussion]
  • 2008 Women and Film Festival, “Body Politics”, New Britain Museum, CCSU
  • 2008 June Baker Higgins Gender Studies Conference, “sexing the Vote: Gender, Sexuality and Politics.” CCSU

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