NY’s Healthy Workplace Bill done for this year

Assemblyman Englebright’s office called to say that the Labor Committee held A5414b.  They do expect to reintroduce legislation next January and in the meantime will look at the language definitions within the bill.   Continue reading


Governor Paterson's Veto Memo

Governor Paterson's Veto Memo

[New York] If you’re sitting in a cubicle popping anti-depressants and hiding from a toxic boss your wait for legal protection just got longer.

On August 11th,  Governor Paterson vetoed S1948, a bill to study hostile workplaces citing the $366,000 cost amendment tagged on by NY’s Dept of Labor.

I spoke with DOL Counsel, Maria Colavito before the veto and she said the DOL would have to hire staff to conduct studies.  When I asked why they would need to conduct studies since this topic has already been researched pretty extensively for decades she voiced concern that the bill would replicate the 5 year NIOSH study currently underway.

Colavito gave me the contact info for Matt London of PEF who is deeply involved in creating policy for NY’s newly enacted Workplace Violence prevention law which protects employees in the public sector.  Type 3 Workplace Violence — worker on worker — does include workplace bullying.  Great news for public employees but no help at all for those in the private sector terrified of going to work each day and precisely the employees S1948 was expected to help.

London said that he would be happy to share data currently being gathered in NY agencies in the NIOSH study and expects it to be available in September.   It would certainly seem that this would reduce the need for any new studies or data gathering as well as impact the cost of hiring additional employees by the DOL.  And, it could also mean the DOL could meet their one year turn around deadline by concentrating on how this data reflects hostile workplaces right here in NY by holding public hearings and forums — not unlike the ones they held for the workplace violence bill.

Still not convinced?  Compare the estimated $366,000 price tag to the monetary award in last year’s landmark “workplace bully” lawsuit in Indiana.  The abused worker won a $325,000 judgment.

Research shows that each abusive boss creating a hostile workplace may cost $83,000.  This does NOT factor in the high $$ impact on the victim’s health insurance OR the loss of income during today’s economic cri$i$. [Mattice]

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Add your own state to fight for a law against Workplace Bullying!

Can everyone please sign the petition my niece was involved in creating? She works for Care2 and I can’t tell you how incredibly moved I am that she is able to help provide a powerful vehicle to address this issue. The distinctions between the HWB & the Study Bill are a bit off but it came from a sincere and loving heart that just wanted to help all of us victims. And, honestly who really cares? The message is loud and clear: Bullying in the workplace is wrong and this country should prevent it.

Her Mom [my sister] spent endless long distance hours on the phone supporting me through my own horrific experience when I was being destroyed by a relentlessly abusive boss. My sister even flew out during that time because she was so concerned what I might do. Their experiences coupled with that of my husband were my inspiration for telling Tracey’s video story the way I did. Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse — being the victim or standing helplessly by while someone you love is being totally destroyed. I’ve already posted the links below on my website, my Facebook page and have been posting on other people’s walls  that I know are sympathetic as well. Please, PLEASE pass on the petition info to as many people as you can!!!


— Bev

Beverly Peterson   http://NoJobIsWorthThis.com 347-229-6815

Sign Care2 Petition [Link]

Care 2 Blog [Link]

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