Workplace Bullying is not a “silent epidemic” anymore…

I began working on a documentary about workplace bullying in 2007. At that time it was next to impossible to “pitch” my project because no one had a clue what I was talking about.  Since then things have definitely changed.  A simple google search of “workplace bullying” will bring up tons of hits.  Add to that “psychological harassment” “toxic workplace” “hostile workplace” and it’s obvious that we’ve finally made it to water cooler conversations.  The downside is that most of the coverage is shallow and simplistic and doesn’t really dig deeply into what we need to understand to really combat this issue proactively in our offices.   I’m currently developing a new website that will go beyond my current work at    Feel free to leave a message here, on our Facebook group site, or shoot me an email if you have suggestions for what you’d like to see.  Lots more discussion about this to come…  []

Workplace Bullying may be a thing of the past — for legislators only!

Ever since the landmark workplace bullying case was upheld by Indiana’s Supreme Court,  the Joint Commissions has required that Hospitals address civility issues as a requirement in their accreditation process.  Many states require lawyers adhere to civility codes for conduct in the courtroom.  Now, according to, Rep. Susan Emerson, R-Rindge, is proposing a bill to stop bullying among legislators in her state capitol. Continue reading

Add your own state to fight for a law against Workplace Bullying!

Can everyone please sign the petition my niece was involved in creating? She works for Care2 and I can’t tell you how incredibly moved I am that she is able to help provide a powerful vehicle to address this issue. The distinctions between the HWB & the Study Bill are a bit off but it came from a sincere and loving heart that just wanted to help all of us victims. And, honestly who really cares? The message is loud and clear: Bullying in the workplace is wrong and this country should prevent it.

Her Mom [my sister] spent endless long distance hours on the phone supporting me through my own horrific experience when I was being destroyed by a relentlessly abusive boss. My sister even flew out during that time because she was so concerned what I might do. Their experiences coupled with that of my husband were my inspiration for telling Tracey’s video story the way I did. Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse — being the victim or standing helplessly by while someone you love is being totally destroyed. I’ve already posted the links below on my website, my Facebook page and have been posting on other people’s walls  that I know are sympathetic as well. Please, PLEASE pass on the petition info to as many people as you can!!!


— Bev

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