What Resources Best Prevent Workplace Bullying?

Coming Soon!

Four years ago workplace bullying was a phrase that few used or understood.  Fast forward to today and a simple google search filtered for a 24 hour period brings up dozens of pages of results.    Much of the time the term is inaccurately used and the information is outdated or without any real grounding.  Unfortunately, when this information is repeated over and over it carries the weight of “truth.”

This site has always been dedicated to bringing forward alternative scientific and academically reviewed information needed to create the type of dialog that helps educate employees, employers, legislators, practitioners, union reps etc etc etc move toward solid solutions.   We’ve joined forces with others to create a petition for national legislation (7500 signatures!), Wikis, videos, an International Facebook coalition and more.  Our most popular blog posts are those that question proposed legislation and the way that workplace bullying is framed by advocates in the media.  Surprisingly, most of that support comes from people involved in the movement.   We also focus heavily on bringing forward the voices of targets in video and print. 

Each summer we reassess what information is misrepresented or missing in major media and coverage and revamp our outreach to fit that need.  This year we are updating our website to fulfill our promise of a transmedia experience with the release of WHAT KILLED KEVIN?  (finally!).  This is a film that pushes aside simple rhetoric and finger pointing to ask the tough and challenging questions.

Your Thoughts?

Please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email if you have a suggestion of what you’d like included on the site.  bullyinworkplace@yahoo.com

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