New Workplace Bullying Book Offers Hope!

BACK OFF! is a remarkably useful and engaging survival guide that can help millions of targets, bystanders, and bullies that want to change their vile ways. I was especially impressed with the practical and powerful guidelines for battling against bullies without becoming one yourself. – Robert Sutton, Author of No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss

Civility Partners Back Off CoverFar too many books and magazine articles send the message that all bosses are psychopaths and employees are powerless victims just lined up for the slaughter.  Is your boss a jerk?  Better start looking for another job now!  However, Catherine Mattice and E.G. Sebastian’s new book, BACK OFF! Your Kick Ass Guide To End Bullying @ Work sends a refreshing message of hope to employees stuck with abusive co-workers.  Case studies highlight proactive ways to navigate difficult and aggressive situations.

Mattice is clear in pointing out that workplace bullying is legitimate and that there are situations that are beyond redemption.   Trust me, I’ve been there.  But, I’ve also worked with difficult people who can be maneuvered and the real tragedy would have been not to have tried to find a solution and simply walked away from a job I loved.  Mattice’s advice helps readers recognize ways to take action early on that just might help create a positive outcome.  BACK OFF! is packed with much needed and refreshing advice that guides targets of workplace bullying through alternative approaches that may just tip the power balance back their way. As important, the book’s emphasis on how to proactively communicate desired results provides insight and solutions even for those accused of bullying.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

Cathy acted smart, but luck was on her side as well. Cathy was lucky that she worked for a company where leadership was committed to providing a safe work environment for everyone. Things definitely could have gone very differently for her, and she may have had to leave the company per the agreement she’d made with herself. She knew that her pride and dignity were not worth the paycheck she received every two weeks—peace of mind, happiness, and self-esteem are priceless. Cathy’s smart actions included the following:

• After those three long years of abuse, she made a decision not to be a victim anymore.

• She started taking responsibility for her own well-being and happiness.

• After doing some research on workplace bullying and resilience, she knew she had to make a change in her attitude and her situation.

• She stopped focusing on how bad she felt and started focusing on the facts.

• She stopped allowing herself to be criticized and belittled and started focusing on assertiveness and projecting confidence with her body language.

While Cathy’s story is an inspiration, for many, things don’t turn out this way. Many people throughout the world have developed chronic anxiety, depression, and other such symptoms as a result of their situations at work. Some have even taken their own lives because of a bully at work, and because they didn’t see any way out of their “trap.” Cathy’s story is not at all that uncommon, but unfortunately most people—just like Cathy—do not realize that they are being bullied until it’s too late.

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