Take Action To Stop Workplace Bullying

It’s a cyber wall of corporate shame.  Thousands of victims of abusive workplaces have left their tragic tales on a national petition demanding a solution for this silent epidemic.

Find your representative and send them a copy of the Care2 petition bearing over 7600 signatures.  Ask them to join the fight to stop workplace bullying.  If you’ve experienced this abuse first hand or have expertise in this area you can add your own information as well. 

Remember – President Obama said that it was one woman’s story that inspired him to commit to fight for the health care act.  Your story may be the one that helps millions suffering in hostile workplaces.  The original petition letter includes helpful information you may want to include in your letters:

Millions of American workers, reportedly 1 in 4, suffer from workplace bullying, an epidemic form of abuse which is directly linked to severe anxiety, depression, and debilitating physical harm. The vast majority of these targets are unprotected and have no legal recourse. For many, the only hope is to quit and face chronic unemployment.

We respectfully demand that you empanel a Task Force of union, business, and lay experts to recommend legislative and/or regulatory solutions to address this problem. Americans at least deserve the same level of civil and health/safety protection as workers in other industrialized countries, many of which acted more than decade ago to address workplace bullying.

Thank you in advance for helping millions of American employees and their families who currently suffer with little or no recourse — as a result of abusive workplace environments.

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