NY’s Workplace Bullying Legislation Could Fill Gap In Current Workplace Violence Policy

Some time ago NY passed a Workplace Violence policy to protect public employees and part of that law includes worker-on-worker violence.  But, Matt London of PEF, one of the main people crafting the policy, says: “the current law only covers bullying if there is a physical assault or the explicit threat of physical violence.”  Instead they are “strongly encouraging agencies to have their programs include a broader definition of workplace violence, one which includes bullying.”   The Healthy Workplace Bill recently passed in the NY State Senate and now waiting for a vote on the Assembly side is expected to fill that gap — and it protects private employees as well!

NY Advocates say they have votes to pass Workplace Bullying law!

If it gets to the floor for a vote:

Mike Schlicht, State Coordinator for NYHWA (New York Healthy Workplace Advocates) says they are “just two sponsors short of having one third of the Assembly signed onto their version of the bill.” But before that can happen, it still has to make it out of the Labor Committee where it’s been stuck since last year. The Wall Street Journal reports that the committee’s chair, Susan John, feels it may drive business out of the state.  Continue reading

Is Your Boss “Tough” or a Workplace Bully?

The Wall Street Journal reported that the anti-workplace bullying legislation that slid through the NY Senate this month met with complaints that it’s too subjective to define.  The same argument that was used against Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence .  Continue reading

Canada Takes On Workplace Bullies!

Special Guest Blog from Workplace Bullying expert and Legislative Advocate Dr. Lisa M.S. Barrow, author of “In Darkness Light Dawns: Exposing Workplace Bullying“ and “Hope For a Healthy Workplace“.  She was deeply involved in Canada’s recent passage of anti-bullying legislation.  Continue reading