Bullying Turns Into Violent Teen Mob – WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE?

It Takes A Nation

It’s become common for bullying stories to catch fire and ripple through the national mainstream media – unless it happens in tough neighborhoods.  Two days ago I came home from work to news reports about a local school bullying incident that blew up into a riot of 50 to 55 teens demanding that their target come out of the house. Continue reading

Top 10+ Personality Traits of Bully Bosses (and workers too?)

“It is estimated that half of all executive careers end in failure. “

The dark side” of a supervisor’s personality can impact their ability to manage.  The angel on their shoulder can make them a leader.  The devil can derail a business.  No one asks to be abused at work nor should it ever be excused.  And, victim/targets currently struggling with the dehumanizing experience of bullying can hardly be expected to look for the charming aspects of their boss. But, and this is a big BUT, the rest of us need to have the ability to admit that it’s not just bosses who have these traits.  How often have you had to deal with a co-worker with “attitude” who uses these same tactics toward the boss – or even you?  Continue reading

Proposed Law Makes It Easier to Settle Discrimination Lawsuits

While no one wants to be forced into a costly court battle, too many have no choice and  passage of the bipartisan Civil Rights Tax Relief Act could make it easier for everyone involved in employment discrimination cases.  [companion versionContinue reading

Do Republican & Democratic Women See Sexual Harassment The Same?

This week the Pew Research Center released a survey showing that 4 in 10 Americans feel the sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain are true and that, on balance, media coverage has been fair.  It’s hard to imagine any issue in today’s hotly political climate that doesn’t change when looked at in terms of party.  So, not surprisingly Pew found that Democrats are far more likely to believe the allegations. Here’s where it gets weird.  Cain remains in the news for condescendingly swiping at Speaker Pelosi with the label “Princess” and reportedly making jokes about whether Anita Hill would support him. Even the NY Daily News pointedly reported: Herman Cain, GOP presidential hopeful accused of sexual harassment, frequent defense: It was a ‘joke.’  At first glance it would appear that Cain is insensitive to the feelings of those Republican women who choose to follow him.  However, he may actually be playing to his crowd. The really interesting numbers in the Pew Survey pop out when it’s broken down by both partisanship & gender. Check out the table below.

…But among Republican and Republican-leaners, women are more likely than men to say they think the allegations are false…

Paterno: The High Cost Of Looking The Other Way

I understand that I am in the minority of America when I profess my support for former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, and that I am in the minority of students here at the Pennsylvania State University when I say I support the riots that took place last night in State College… I know I speak for many when I say I blame the media for Joe Paterno’s demise… Joe stood up for this university all his life, and I’m sure he will continue to do so. We stood up for Joe last night, and I know we will continue to do so.  [read the full article]

It is truly tragic that all of the positive impact that both Coach Joe Paterno and his ex-colleague Jerry Sandusky  had in improving the  lives of so many young people will now be inextricably entwined in this sordid drama.  But, none of that could possibly outweigh the shocking facts revealed in the 28 page Grand Jury report.  It is stomach turning.  In 2002 Joe Paterno was told that what appeared to be a 10-year-old boy was sexually assaulted in HIS Penn State showers by their ex-employee, Sandusky.  Had Paterno reached out to the police or taken stronger actions maybe the torment suffered by “Victim 1” assaulted 5 years later may have been spared.

Sadly Joe Paterno took what must have appeared to be the easiest path at the time – to look the other way.  That’s why this story rings so clearly within the workplace bullying community.

If large corporate organizations can turn a blind eye toward the depraved sexual violation of our most vulnerable citizens – children – can we really expect them to break that tradition in order to protect their adult victim/targets subjected to psychological harassment by the managers they hire?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…