2 thoughts on ““The Gatekeepers” & The Workplace Bullying Movement

  1. Oh my. This is priceless. I had no idea. Young, pollyanna, corporate and TV friendly? Now that’s a way to ring in the New Year.

    It’s remarkable how volatile the responses have been to my pieces, and while admittedly I ought to have avoided the use of the word “hysteria,” the aggressive tone that so many commenters express would not have diminished. While I am being dismissed as a “newcomer,” I am no newcomer to the anthropology of confllict and aggression, nor organizational culture studies, and the response of Namie certainly illuminates how power operates beyond the workplace. Any field of inquiry, as your post makes clear, should welcome diverse perspectives and “newcomers.”

    Fortunately, I am encouraged by the many emails I receive from people who have been mobbed and found strength and clarity through my work. Aggression inside or outside the workplace is devastating, and understanding how and why people turn on each other can help prevent it, or at the very least, make sense of the seemingly senseless cruelty of others.

    Thank you for being an important voice on this topic, Beverly, and for having the courage to challenge orthodoxy when called for, while supporting and giving voice to those who have been harmed by abusive workplace behaviors.


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