The Problem With “Baby Step” Advocacy

NY Sea Gate Fox News

As one of the lucky ones able to clean up the debris from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy and begin the path back to normal, I was shocked to read a NY Times Op-Ed by Joe Nocera that my sister forwarded to me.  Nocera points out that dikes and barriers built back in the 1960s to protect Providence, Rhode Island Continue reading

Warm hugs of thanks to our most precious worker – the first responder

(Letter from Staten Island)

Dear First Responders:

Hurricane Sandy tanker

photo by Beverly Peterson

Monday night an ominous OEM alert, “shelter in place,” flashed onto my cellphone and our neighborhood’s power flickered out.  It was comforting to hear emergency sirens piercing the dark as Hurricane Sandy began pushing the Hudson River up our street.   A few blocks away an oil tanker washed ashore.  Transformers
exploded lighting the sky with strange alien flashes.  The smell of Continue reading