Tuscaloosa Takes on Workplace Bullying!

City of Tuscaloosa adopts policy against workplace bullying

Reprinted from FOX 6, Oct 15, 2014 3:34 PM EDT


Tuscaloosa city hall

The Tuscaloosa City Council has approved a new policy against workplace bullying which applies to all City of Tuscaloosa employees.

The City’s legal department says the policy covers things that were not already clearly covered by the city’s anti-harassment policy.

Senior Associate Attorney Jimbo Woodson says the policy identifies bullying as intentional, hostile, abusive behavior that makes an employee no longer want their job.

“It wasn’t that many years ago that employers were adopting for the first time sexual harassment policies, then that became anti-harassment policies, and I think this is a natural extension to bullying, to essentially catch all of the inappropriate workplace behavior,” Woodson said.

Woodson also says the policy applies to a number of different scenarios.

“Not only does it direct co-workers, a co-worker who is bullying another co-worker, or a supervisor who is bullying someone they supervise, but it actually could be a group of workers who bully their supervisor,” he said. [full article]

2 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa Takes on Workplace Bullying!

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  2. What ever happened to “working”? I work in such a hostile environment. If you are not part of the gossip group you are disliked and therefore they will make you a target. I refuse to listen to any negativity of any kind and although I choose to take the higher road, there are days where I would like to just once tell them off. At least half the day they are not at there desk. They are in the warehouse gossiping. Does our BOSS not see this? Is it fair to pay someone a salary for maybe two hours work?? I guess this becomes my issue because I have integrity and work for my salary. I have decided I no longer will work for “BOSSES” who do not care about the workflow or their employees!!


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