Getting Along With Co-Workers 1950s Style

Years ago when I made my first documentary on the topic of workplace bullying & harassment I found the old training film for secretarial schools posted below.  In it a young-ish woman is about to take her first clerical position.   No one bothered to mention to her that she’d probably be called “girl” “sweetie” “honey” or that her bosses would make rude insinuations she’d have to ignore in order to keep her job.  That enlightenment was still decades away.  Here’s a link to a great resource with  thorough information on sexual harassment laws today.  I send a big warm hug to all of the women who worked so hard over the decades to fight for our rights.

“This is your first course in preparing for an office job.  You’re starting a new career.  It can be fun or it can be hard.  It all depends on the way you look at things; your attitude.  For instance you’ll be working in an office.  Well don’t forget the golden rule works there just as it does anywhere else.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Here’s how it applies to an office.  First, of course, know your job. Enjoy it.  But, also enjoy the people that you’re working with.  Be considerate of them.  And, be considerate of your employer.  Remember those simple rules of office etiquette and you’ll get along in the business world.”

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