Is THE OFFICE taking on workplace bullying?

Found this article this morning and thought I’d share it.  The Huffington Post’s reports that the maker of the documentary they’ve all been talking about will finally be revealed.  I have to admit I haven’t watched the show regularly in a long while but I’ll be checking out this one:

from author Kelly West

In just a couple of weeks, The Office‘s final season will kick off, and based on the episode titled, “Workplace Bullying,” it sounds like the Dunder Mifflin staff will be dealing with another social issue in the workplace. I have a feeling we’re going to really miss Michael Scott in this episode. Check out the photos ahead and see if you can figure out some of the plot for the season premiere!

Dunder Mifflin has dealt with sexual harassment before, and racism. From the photos released for “Workplace Bullying,” which is set to air September 20, it looks like Toby will be leading a workshop (or a really soft-spoken lecture) on workplace bullying…

Was someone bullying Toby? Or is this just a required lecture because he’s the H.R. rep? Either way, it won’t be the same without Michael Scott’s wall of photos (including the Big Tom Hanks/Robert Loggia photo, which I’m pretty sure made numerous appearances).

The topic of bullying makes me think/hope Jim has something in mind to torment Dwight, tied in with bullying (perhaps accusing Dwight of being a bully).

Click here for the full article and more photos

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