Celebrate Labor Rights Week – sign the national petition against bullying!

sign the workplace bullying petitionHilda Solis, U.S. Secretary of Labor,  says Labor Rights Week is a time “to rededicate ourselves to make workplaces fair and safe.”  Please sign the national petition and tell her we need the Department of Labor to help employees suffering in abusive work environments.  Each signature generates an individual email that is sent directly to both Solis and Obama.  The petition is covered with thousands of tragic stories of suffering that Solis needs to help prevent:

#7672 18:04,  Aug 27, Name not displayed, PA
To the decision makers, How would you like to have been laughed at and after put up against a wall and threatened to continue to product numbers for them., laughed at and told you needed to get down on your hands and knees and beg for your job, cursed at, set up and humiliated in front of many peers, worked 16 hours a day or accused of insubordiniton. TRUTH

12:40, Aug 27, Name not displayed, OH I once had a supervisor that bullied me at work. It was bad enough that people mistreated me most of my life. But this was the worst. He said nasty things about me behind my back and I could hear him. He wanted to make me cut my hair even though other men in the company had long hair. I wasn’t in a public facing position. He wanted to fire me over performance even though I was a top performer. I got removed from an account for something that wasn’t my fault. Everyone knew it wasn’t my fault but the supervisor insisted that it was and he knew nothing about the account. He micromanaged me at every turn. He made comments on my every move while I was taking phone calls all day. It was nerve-wracking. He was nice to my face and mean behind my back. He called my house saying bad things to get me kicked out. He got into my personal life. He said he noticed that I didn’t have any pictures in my cubical. But neither did he. He complained that I ate at my desk. I had low blood sugar and it wasn’t against company police to eat at my desk. He abused his power and told everyone that I was disgruntled. There was no way for me to defend myself. Even if I gave two weeks notice, I would still be a no rehire. If you were treated like dirt for four years, would you be happy? I had reason to be dissatisfied. I made less than $40,000 a year. The supervisor made twice that and he thought I made too much. I was afraid to tell HR out of fear of retaliation. The supervisor was a sociopath. One day it got so bad that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I left the company feeling very sad and angry. I was angry about it for almost a year…

#7667 17:38, Aug 26, Name not displayed, WA
I worked for the state of Washington for 25 years. The first 23 were great until they hired a young, ABUSIVE supervisor who asked me to do unethical things. When I reported her, she spent the next two years making my life a LIVING HELL. I have asthma & she intentionally put me into situations that aggravated my asthma to the point I ended up in the ER. I was also diagnosed with work induced depression. She ordered the leadworkers to scour over my work to find flaws to use against me. She also used flaws within the long distance phone system that the state uses (SCAN) to fire me. Soon after she fired me, I had a stress induced heart attack. I am currently involved in a major lawsuit against the state of Washington and DSHS for disability discrimination and unsafe workplace for the abuse and bullying that I suffered at the hands of my ex-supervisor and her INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS.

#7656 17:35, Aug 11, Ms. Sarah Webb, AL I was bullied on my job for 8 yrs. The supervisior snapped and physically attacked me… I was fired and she remained at work. Because of poblitics, I could not get a warrant on the girl…The District Attorney that I worked for stopped that. There is nothing I can do. Now they are telling lies about me. I have pictures and documented daily the actions in the office.

# 7,655 15:17, Aug 11, Debora Cintron, CO A single mother of two boys, and raising a son with autism. I had challenges with people bullying me my entire life. I never thought it could happen at work too. I am like most people, trying to make a living for my boys. I do not get any help, and it is profound, how individuals can mistreat anyone to take their job. My job was replaced by my bully’s best friend. I currently undergoing a EEOC, solely based on religion and age. I find this heartbreaking, that calling me names, and placing dog stool under my desk, isn’t against the law. We are really off the track on how to treat people. These are the same individuals growing up in schools, to do the same behavior as adults. Let’ s put an end to it now. My recommendation to others, if your being mistreated, use a tape recorder hidden on you daily to protect yourself.

# 7,654 23:25, Aug 10, Rossalind Horne, NY suspended for 30 business days without pay…as a result of being dizzy and nauseated during the heatwave during the month of July…2 year final warning to boot…isn’t this illegal?

# 7,653 18:03, Aug 09, Ms. Jo Anne Hall, CA As a per son who has held supervisory positions throughout my working life, I have endeavored to make sure that every employee & volunteer I have supervised is treated with respect & courtesy, regardless of their position or their competence. I was surprised to learn that many of them believed that this treatment was unexpected & exceptional. Every person, regardless of ability, needs respect to carry out responsibilities, & acknowledging & promoting respect is usually a guarantee of commitment to their work & respect for co-workers.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Labor Rights Week – sign the national petition against bullying!

  1. I was bullied on a daily basis for over 5 years by my former boss [name deleted by moderator], and the bullying was allowed to continue and flourish by [name deleted], the head of HR at [name deleted], Minnesota. What a shame that a great place like [name deleted] has administrative employees that are allowed to treat excellent employees with such disrespect to the detriment of the patients, all staff, and to waste precious resources. The standards of [name deleted] are vastly different than those “values” at certain satellite clinics. For example, my boss wrote me up for not wearing my name tag while I responded to a stat call (to save a patient’s life who was choking) first thing in the morning as I was coming in the building and hadn’t yet entered my office to grab my name tag. She made up one lie after another and got away with it, and her boss supported her without question and refused to listen to reason. They even lied about the reason they ended my employment, documenting false claims as if these events actually happened. I was accused of stealing a camera while the camera was still in the cabinet at work, and they refused to open the cabinet and look because they didn’t want to “find” the camera. Unbelievable!


  2. My daughter recently lost her boyfriend due his suicide in her home. She is now diagnosed as a manic depressive person due to this tragedy. Her boss/owner of the restaurant she works, with a smile on his face, made a comment that it was my daughters fault, that this young man took his life, which the young man stated in his last letter, he did not blame her. Her boss did this in front of customers and my daughter. Needless to say, she called me after this happened, 2 days ago, in tears. She went to the doctor’s office, and he increased her dosage of medications, gave her a slip not to return to work for 2 weeks, or until he knows she can handle going back to her workplace. Yesterday, a waitress sent her a text, that said my daughter, and I will not quote the exact words, messed her on her Sundays off. The waitress was quite verbal using the F bomb. My daughter has been in bed and not left her room for 2 1/2 days, and has not been able to attend her criminology classes. She was relocated to a hotel while her home is being reconstructed. The officers shot 4 tear gas rockets throughout her home, not knowing that this young man had already took his life, creating a lot of damage. They knew the young man had a gun, and was concerned of his state of mind, that he may try to retaliate. This was a very tragic situation, not only due to the young mans death, but also because of the 7 hour ordeal the police created. I don’t know if my daughter will be allowed to return to work when she is strong enough. She has worked for this man for approximately 12 years even through his sexual comments she had endured prior to this situation. I am trying to convince her to look else where for employment when she’s up to doing so. I’m just hoping that she will recover in time and become strong as she was prior to this.
    Talk about Unbelievable!


  3. I worked for a so called fun company. We are famous in my city. But my Manager, loves the owners daughter. He chases her around the office, has her pop his zits, visit his house with her dog, etc etc… In July he wrote me up for calling my bank card daily. he felt I was calling to avoid other phone calls. The other Manger refused to write me up. he told this man, told him after surgery come back to work now or lose your job. he had a burst appendix, and a blood clot the size of a grapefruit. he told him man up, because the owners daughter called him a wimp everyday while he was out sick. The owner of the company, called him and asked him why he went out while on sick leave. The owners daughter was late twice a week. I have watched them fire others for being late often. The other daughter got drunk on the job, and had the police called while screaming the bosses name, she hit people. But never had any charges or lost her job. They called me little Whoopi, because I wore braids in my hair. She talked about my size daily, you are so small, eat some more. How old are you everyday. I hate fat people, welfare, any shooting in your poor area today?
    I was fired the day before my 5 year anniversity dinner. I thought it was a joke. We are seasonal and get laid off every November. I was never offered a permanent position, because guess the owners daughter got it. I lost my bonus and pride working there.


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