The Final Chapter: Tracey’s Law Against Workplace Bullying

Why Tracey’s Story Is So Important:

To me, Tracey’s story shows how complicated the answer is to the first question that victims are always asked: “if you don’t like it there why don’t you just get another job?”  Personally, I began making films about workplace bullying because I was smack in the middle of my own office drama.  I was attracted to Tracey’s story because she was about to go on a journey that represented my worst fears.   I needed to find bully free work but I was terrified what would happen if I didn’t land one of the 2 open jobs I was qualified for in the Metro NYC area — where my husband is employed, our careers are based, and our friends and family live.   I knew I was extremely lucky to land one.  Part of the short documentary I made about Tracey’s situation included scenes of her daughter, Kali, lobbying for legislation while her mom was traveling around the Carolinas and Georgia looking for a job.  It’s been nearly over 3 years since I filmed that deeply moving scene with Kali yet still no legislation has passed.

Q: Why do you think that the HWB hasn’t passed yet?

Tracey: Why do I think there has not been a HWB passed yet is a tough question to a tougher answer. Personally, I do not like the bill to begin with. I believe it is too corporate friendly in that there is no really big reason for corporates to embrace a law that has very small consequences. Having a cap on the claim a target can obtain is ludicrious. My real belief though is that there continues to be a blindfold on this real issue to our senators and congress men and women.  While some have been very supportive, others don’t.  I find this rather silly when I sit and listen to how the parties behave in the senate and treat each other. They are bullies!  I don’t really know why the bill hasn’t passed but I’d sure like to hear other’s opinions on it.

Q:  Is there anything you would particularly like to add…

Tracey: I want to thank everybody who have worked tirelessly at getting a HWB passed. I know that many of you have suffered personally due to tragedies that happen in the workplace. My heart is with you. I hope that one day I might feel better to re-join you but in the meanwhile, know that my heart is with you all and I am so grateful for all your work.

Tracey’s Law is featured on our “Virtual Town Hall” page or can be accessed for free on both YOUTUBE & Vimeo.

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