Help Support NY Bill To Study Hostile Work Environments!

>>One last email from you can help make this happen!<<

>We are down to the wire.  Yes the A2247b/S1948b bill to study hostile work environments passed BUT a veto from Governor Patterson will kill this study bill.

>Please tell the Governor that he needs to act now to stop the heavy damages on both victims’ health and the high cost to NY’s businesses.

>Research shows that each abusive boss creating a hostile workplace may cost $83,000.  This does NOT factor in the high $$ impact on the victim’s health insurance OR the loss of income during today’s economic cri$i$. [Mattice]

>The estimated price for the entire one year study may be less than the price tag of just 4 of these bully bosses. The New York Healthy Workplace Advocates ( estimates that 1.4 million New York Employees are subjected to Workplace Bullying in the state on a regular basis.

>Don’t forget to reference “NY Bill S1948 to Study Hostile Work Environments” in your email.

> “I personally thank everybody for their support and believe that we would not have made it this far without them! It does not matter where you live or whether you know somebody who has been a taget in the workplace, our combined voices can make the difference for everybody.” — Tracey <

>>YES, I WANT TO VOICE MY SUPPORT OF A2247b/S1948b NOW [link]<<

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