Victims Speak Out! houses the video testimony of victim/targets of workplace bullying who share their personal stories of abuse.  Our goal is to encourage open and frank dialog about proposed legislation and how to apply academic and legal definitions of bullying to the often fraught relationships in our workplaces.

New Web-documentary features the transmedia documentary, What Really Killed Kevin Morrissey?, that strips back the easy rhetoric to challenge viewers to reflect on how difficult workplace bullying is to define and how painful these conflicts are for all involved.

Share Resources & Take Action! is the most exciting part of this new initiative. This “Wiki” style section allows site visitors to add and share resources that they find useful. As important, it includes a “take action” link so that ANYONE can join in and help to evolve into a movement dedicated to alliances and collaboration. Also included is a growing list of experts in North American involved in workplace bullying who normally fall under the radar.

Bringing Forward New Voices & Alternatives remains our blog section and will continue to feature interviews and guest blogs with a variety of experts in this field in an effort to add new voices and alternatives to the public discussion about workplace bullying.


International Educational Coalition on Workplace Bullying Our global coalition has numerous supporters representing broad aspects of the global community working to stop workplace bullying and reached over 150 thousand hits in less than a year. The most popular countries represented are the U.S., Australia, Ireland, and the UK.

There Oughta Be A Law A lively discussion group about issues related to proposed U.S. legislation & critique. All are welcome.

For the Press Only: Our Bully Pulpit Contains publicity stills and informational wall posts announcing reviews, articles, etc about “What Really Killed Kevin Morrissey?”


@NoJobIsWorth  Follow us for general information and calls to action.

@IECWBWorkBully  Follow us for international information about workplace bullying.

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