CEO of Groupon Fired: “I’m ok with having failed at this part of the journey”


Battletoads (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure there are tales to be told from inside the Groupon C-Suite.  But, it is refreshing to read the letter their CEO, Andrew Mason, sent to employees admitting that the company outgrew him.  Mason’s letter is a reminder of a similarly frank email that Yahoo’s then CEO, Carol Bartz, to her employees: “I’ve just been fired.”  Mason’s act may have trended on Twitter but an article in the New York Times reminds us that “Regulators cast a dim eye on such promotion during the so-called quiet period for companies waiting to go public, however, and Groupon’s offering is now at risk of being delayed or even pulled.” Warm wishes that the People of Groupon continue to have a job! Continue reading