Workplace Bullying: Is there a solution?

So, here we are again.  It’s 2012 and we’re coming to the end of yet another legislative session.   Massachusetts still holds great promise in being the first state to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill even as a rapidly approaching deadline, July 31st, ticks closer.  I spoke with the office of Ellen Story, the HWB’s sponsor, and they told me that they really want to pass some form of legislation on this issue.  Originally they tried to pass a study bill but it died.  So when the HWB became available they grabbed it.  Yes, it’s written in a way that greatly favors the employer more so than the person seeking damages but at least the victim/target can get unemployment.  That’s what they told me.  But, the real question is can the HWB or any other legislation fix workplace bullying?  Here’s an article written by an Australian researcher who’s dedicated over 10 years trying to figure out what can.  Her findings are sobering.  Whatever state legislators accomplish it is time for the Obama Administration and the Department of Labor to bring clarity to this issue on a national level: Continue reading