Psychology Today

October 10, 2013, Documentary Asks Troubling Questions About Bullying

January 20, 2013, Will the Real Workplace Bully Please Stand

February 28 2013 The Danger of Workplace Suicide Lawsuits

Huffington Post

5/1/2012 Documentary on Workplace Bullying Presents a Different View

Washington Post

4/16/2012 Documentary Faults ‘Bully’ Label In UVa Suicide

The Hook

8/18/2011 The Bully Pulpit: Documentary Explores VQR Tragedy

Chronicle of Higher Education

8/9/2011 Documentary Delves Into A Suicide And Allegations Of Workplace Bullying


10/28/2010, Office Bullies: The Big Business of Battling Them



2010 7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying & Harassment



YouTube Video Features Historic NY Effort to Pass New Workplace Bullying Law


There Oughta Be a Law: NY Poised to Lead U.S. in Fight to Stop Workplace Bullies


No Job Is Worth Losing The Precious Gift of Life – Link

No Job Is Worth Losing The Precious Gift of Life – .pdf

NEW Online Documentary Exposes State Race to Legally Stop Abusive Bosses (


Beverly Peterson – Producer, Director, Editor & Additional Camera or Main Camera. My documentaries have been broadcast internationally, and screened at major festivals including; HBO, PBS The Sundance Channel,The Sundance Film Festival, Human Rights Watch, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art,The Walker Art Center, The Warhol Museum, The Kitchen. 71 West Broadway: Ground Zero, New York, NY was selected as part of the memorial presentation at the Library of Congress, which has included it in the national 9/11 film archive. Portions of Invisible Revolution, were featured on ABC’s 20/20, Dateline, and HBO specials on domestic terrorism.

FILMOGRAPHY: Film Festivals & Broadcasts, Awards, and Major Reviews for Beverly Peterson’s Documentaries



Article: Workplace Violence News


Article: Bio-Medicine

Article: Chronicle of Higher Ed

Article: 3/19/2010 “Bullying In Higher Ed”

Article: 3/17/2010 Winning Workplaces “Valuable Resource for Curbing Workplace Harassment”

Blog: 10/20

Blog: 10/09

Blog: 8/09

Article: 7/09 The Bullying Boss, Ji Hyun Lee, Examiner (National)

Article: 7/09 Workplace Violence News

Article: 7/09 Blog: News From the Real World

Article: 7/09 Bully Behind You

6/09 Linked as resource TV Ozarks First

Article: 6/09 Workplace Violence News

Article: 6/09 Examiner – Chicago

Article: 6/09 Examiner – Los Angeles

Article: 6/09

Article: 6/09 Clara54 Part I

Article: 6/09 Clara54 Part II

Article: 6/09 Marlene Braun Memorial Facebook Group

Article: 6/09 Catherine Mattice – No Workplace Bullies

Article: Website link to SEIU/NAGE Massachusetts support for a law

Article: 6/09 Website link to streaming site –

Article: 5/4/09 Workplace Violence News

Article: 5/09 Stop Workplace Harassment

Article: 5/09 emTrain “Anti-Bullying Law Movement Gathers Steam…And Their Own Documentary Film-Maker”

Article: 5/09 Storypress “There Oughta Be A Law

Article: 5/09 The Exception Magazine

News: 5/09 Documentary

News: 5/09 EVA News, Global Entertainment News

Article: 5/09 Technorati

Article: Care2 News

News: 5/09 OWT News and Information

News: 4/09 Hartford Courant (reader)


News: Yahoo

News: NewsGuide.US

Screening & Discussion: United University Profession, Stony Brook University

News: 10/2008 & 10/2010 Festival Screening with Filmmaker Present

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