Our 501(c)3 Fiscal Sponsor is Documentary Educational Resources (DER)

Please donate so that I can continue to offer this open web-resource as an entry portal for victims, HR representatives, legislators, management, consultants and trainers, journalists and others involved in this issue.  These videos provide validation allow today’s victims to see stories like their own and realize they are not alone.  And offer uninitiated viewers an opportunity to bear witness to the devastating impact of this type of abuse as they get to know the actual people being victimized.  Because I have decided to use the Internet as the platform for my documentary it has allowed me to develop outreach campaigns using social media and networking with other organizations in an effort to join forces with others to grow support for this issue.

Your tax-deductible donation allows me to continue to travel the country gathering stories that are provided as a powerful free online resource.



It is important to list “There Oughta Be A Law” in the memo space so that it is directed to our project. Please make checks payable to ‘DOCUMENTARY EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES’

Credit Cards: Call DER directly at (617) 926-0491 or (800) 569-6621 toll-free (North America only)

Additional Info:    Website:

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