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  1. The RCMP said they could not help…

    It has been over a year of hell for me and my wife. Two co-workers at the time maliciously lied about an incident in order to make room for a relative, that he would take my position. For the first half of the year I was afraid the police would come for me. Then after collecting information to prove that they lied (including an email from one of them confirming my suspicions), I talked to the police. The officer said no law was broken and this was not the first time it has happened. I don’t know where to turn, we will probably go bankrupt over this very soon. The ironic thing is the one individual who is still working there phoned me up asking if I wanted my old job back, bragging how he was taking business away from my new employer. The next week I found out he was still spreading the lie around, one of his co-workers was quitting and spilled the beans.

    I thought of those two a friends and they knew I just moved closer to work and had a young family. I wish they knew how hard it was trying to find a way to put a jug of milk on the table, what could we sell next to buy next weeks groceries.

    I went above and beyond for my employer and was grateful for those two to help release the workload that I gained for the company.

    I’m sorry hard to talk about this and I’m just having a feel sorry for myself moment.


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