Report Connects Rise in Suicides at Work to Workplace Bullying

Suicides at work: The number of people taking their own lives at work is on the rise.In 2013, there were 282 workplace suicides. That’s up from about 250 in the previous two years.”Toxic work environments that include workplace bullying and increased work pressures are most likely to have contributed to this growing problem,” the report states. NY CNN Money 5/2/15

No Job Is Worth the loss of the precious gift of life. In the video below, Lisa struggles to understand why her sister’s supervisor “kept badgering her and backing her into a corner and my sister just felt helpless” The year that Jodie died marked the highest number of workplace suicides ever reported by the fatality census [USDOL] .


2 thoughts on “Report Connects Rise in Suicides at Work to Workplace Bullying

  1. Gay female welder, moved to guelph ontario because the manufacturing market is here. Verbally Violently harassed out of three jobs. In one year. How on earth does a website like this exist when there is absolute no justice. “They” say there are laws in place but what hoops do you have to jump through? I have never been so devastated. Skilled, honest and hard working doesn’t account for anything. Changed my whole career and life to be in this industry only to get laughed out the door because of my gender. What rights? Staffing agencies are a joke, they hold the market yet make you jump through hoops to get a job they take half your pay for.
    There is no hope, there are no rights. No one is out there to listen. The struggle is real.


  2. What’s so sad about this is when you have a job, you are trapped; you need to work to pay bills, but it’s also slowly killing you.

    I was a victim, too, but I fought back. You have to be smarter than your abuser and learn how to work the system to your advantage. No disrespect to any sexual abuse survivors, (I, too, am one), but it’s a very similar feeling. You feel raped and clouded in shame. And your abusers know it, too. They are banking on you not saying anything.

    I have PTSD from it, but every paycheck I get is a victory and they finally backed off after a few years. Yes, I still wait for the other shoe to drop, but I’m still here…


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