The Good Wife, Too Pretty Co-Workers, & Bullying

the good wife

Melissa George as “Marilyn Garbanza”

What’s newly elected Governor Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) to do? During Season 4 he managed to move past high profile sex scandals, a stint in prison for political corruption, and even – as last season ended – some questionable vote counts. Did we mention a wandering wife who’s in love with someone else? While nestling into his new gubernatorial office digs, Florrick’s Campaign Manager, Eli Gold, realizes that a much needed Ethics advisor, Marilyn Garbanza, who they inherited from the last administration is just too pretty to have around someone with Peter’s very loose interpretation of all things ethical. For writers and viewers it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Fully aware of Title Vii, Eli comes up with a scheme to quasi-promote the savvy Marilyn up the ladder to an unappealing job. She let Gold know this won’t be the last they’ll hear about her displeasure. Where have we heard this story before? The same place Eli Gold probably did and why he felt on solid, although unethical, ground:

“In court [a 50 year old dentist] didn’t disagree with [his younger pretty employee of 10 year’s] characterization of the facts. His attorney told ABC News: “… she was not terminated because of her gender, but to preserve the best interest of his marriage.” ABC News

Case closed, legal. The appeal went all the way to the Iowa Supreme court. According to ABC “the seven justices ruled that although the one month’s severance was ‘ungenerous,’ it is OK to terminate an employee “simply because the boss views the employee as an irresistible attraction.” Especially since the boss’s wife felt her marriage was threatened.” Meanwhile, Florrick’s wife, the wonderful Julianna Margulies, gets to dress as provocatively as she likes — even around her on again off again lover and boss, Will.  Here’s a thought – maybe chumps like Eli Gold should check out this dress line for all their female employees:

project runway potato sack challenge

2 thoughts on “The Good Wife, Too Pretty Co-Workers, & Bullying

  1. Well said! I was also struck by the treatment of the remote worker–a great comic touch, having her face zipping around on that motorized scooter, but the manner in which workers ignored her, covered her face, insulted her, and did absolutely nothing to indicate that on the other end of that goofy machine was a real woman working from home, demonstrated how easily people will shun and abuse a coworker once they have been dehumanized.


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