Connecticut Group Seeks Exciting Changes to Workplace Bullying Legislation

The Community Party in Connecticut wants to meet with State Senator Cathy Osten, the Labor and Public Employees Committee Chair, to discuss their proposed amendments to the 2013 Healthy Workplace Bill.  The Community Party says that:

“provisions include a Workplace Bullying Oversight Committee with at least two community representatives. One bill will not end workplace bullying; the Connecticut General Assembly must address this issue on a continuous basis! We have also added language which will make it more difficult for employers to dodge legal responsibility for abusive workplace conduct by managers/supervisors. Call Sen. Osten Monday through Friday at 860-240-0579 and tell her to support the Community Party’s bill language. You can also email Osten through her website.

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2 thoughts on “Connecticut Group Seeks Exciting Changes to Workplace Bullying Legislation

  1. I agree! I wish the Community Party luck in seeking to make the bill being introduced in Connecticut stronger and more accessible for targets to use. I hope this approach spreads to other states so we can all be safer in the workplace.


  2. It’s important to understand the value of coalitions where collaborative free thinking is much more productive than any “my way or the highway” elitist camp with proprietary delusions on any human rights solutions…just my thoughts.


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