1/3 of employees admit verbally abusing co-workers

ABC Workplace Confidential‘Walking on eggshells’ at work around anger management rejects is exhausting. And, way too many of us are familiar with the ‘I’m just an emotional person’ or ‘I tell it like it is’ excuses that typically follow these eruptions. According to a segment of ABC’s 20/20 “Workplace Confidential” that focused on employee meltdowns, nearly 1/3 of Americans admit verbally abusing their co-workers. Yep, it’s not always our bosses – it’s also the screamer in the next cubicle. “The workplace is a powerful social situation so we come to react to each other as if we were pseudo-siblings, as if our boss was a pseudo-parent,” organizational psychologist Ben Dattner told ABC. “It can be a big happy family or the workplace can be a big dysfunctional family…  When [employees] feel economically dependent on their jobs they’re likely to be more rigid, more political, more regressed.”  ABC ended this segment with a rallying cry from a store clerk we’d just seen freaking out on the job: “If you had more people saying ‘hey I think you’re doing a swell job, you’re doing a great job’ you wouldn’t have these people freaking out like me… I say just let it out.  Tell them how you truly feel.”  Needless to say he’s not working there anymore.

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