ABC to air “Workplace Confidential”

The first segment of tonight ABC special hour addresses abusive bosses & wrongful termination.  Sounds like workplace bullying to me.  Here’s a show description:

“Workplace Confidential” Airs on “20/20,” November, 9 at 10pm on ABC

From office romance to toxic bosses to awful commutes, “20/20″ reports on wild tales from the workplace and also offers tips and secrets on how to survive the corporate jungle from such business successes as Mark Cuban, the star of Shark Tank and the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Donald Trump.  Anchored by Elizabeth Vargas, “20/20,” airs FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (10:00 – 11:00 pm ET) on the ABC Television Network.  Reports include:

You’re Fired!:  From donating a kidney to going “Gangham” style, “20/20″ reports on the most surprising complaints of bosses abusing, exploiting, and wrongfully terminating their workers.   Cecelia Vega reports.

Acing the Interview:  They are 20 minute conversations that can change your life. They are also mind games that can trip you up and wreck your chances of getting hired if you do not know how to play.  “20/20″ conducts a series of interviews with job–seekers, and, with the help of a professional job coach, provides tips on how to improve interviewing techniques.  John Quinones reports.

Commutes from Hell:  What if you had to take a plane to get to work each week?  Or drive 175 miles each way almost every day? Or maybe you’d prefer to leave the bumper-to-bumper behind and kayak to work?  Dan Harrislooks at some of the craziest commutes in the country, and how some workers are trying to make the best of it.

The Corporate Squatter:  Elizabeth Vargas reports on the strange and inventive tale of Eric Simms, an entrepreneur who squatted for two months at the AOL offices in Palo Alto, CA after he ran out of cash.

Office Romance:  Amy Robach reports on the do’s, the don’ts, and the maybe’s of negotiating an office romance.

Reply All:  Most of us have done it at least once — hit reply all and sent a personal email to a large group of co-workers.  Chris Connelly looks at how one man turned the biggest mistake of his career into his biggest success.

David Sloan is executive producer of “20/20″.

– ABC –

6 thoughts on “ABC to air “Workplace Confidential”

  1. I was recently terminated in August due to an affair I had in 2009. For the past 3 years I delt with bullying and harassment from the Plant Manager and the Personnel department Manager. The reason I was fired because I reported another affair, due to the treatment that I received. Emails monitored, was told to remain in my office. Was told if I had to come out of my office, to have an escort. The reason for termination was Disruptive Behavior. Which was a lie. I never had any disruptive behavior. The reason I stayed for the past 3 years, was because I love my job. I was good at it. Ask anybody outside of management. I went as far as filing a complaint with the EEOC. and they did nothing, but give me a right to sue. Finding an Attorney is the problem. I really would love some sort of help on my issue. Please help me.


    • I’m sorry that you had to experience and I hope that you find resolution that helps you move on toward a positive work experience. In terms of workplace bullying — if you were given a “right to sue” that is the most that you could hope to have from any legislation regarding proposed workplace bullying.


  2. Yes forward my info. This illegal and hurtful practice in the workplace has to stop. Norma …and David S from Community Party is an awesome activist


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