DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: “HELP US! We’re being bullied out of our jobs…”

(Personal comments from an online petition created by a coalition fighting workplace bullying that asks the Obama Administration to enact uniform national legislation or regulation in response to the devastating impact of workplace bullying.   Each signature generates an email sent directly to President Obama and Secretary of State, Hilda Solis.)

Tragically this is only a small sampling of the stories woven among thousands and thousands of signatures.  (Some comments are excerpted)

#6936 ah yes. i remember that boss i had who screamed at me that i couldn’t quit (quite intimidating about it; i was afraid she was going to hit me), and who threw the telephone across the room and kicked animals. fun stuff. good times. y’know

#6932 I can only hope and pray that this gets passed, LONG OVER-DUE! To many folks out there trying to do the right thing, the AMERICAN WAY, & go to work, but instead end up, having to quit, hope to find another job, sick, disabled, depressed, suicidle, or DEAD! WHAT will it take, to make these MONSTERS pay? Bosses and “chain of command” ARE THE PROBLEMS! BASTARDS ALREADY COST ME 2 OPEN HEART SURGERIES, AMONG MULTIPLE OTHER HEALTH ISSUES FROM THEIR BULLYING, AND NEGLIGENCE. (33y/o mother of 3 boys, and have NEVER been as sick as I have been in the last 3 yrs)…

#6908 We need to do everything we can to restore civility and respect to American Society.

#6857 Many of us have experienced this! We need to be protected at work.

#6845 No one deserves bullying any place anytime.

#6828 I too was bullied by a supervisor, who was a bully while in school. He would snark at me, make fun of my work if my way of performing the task was different than how he envisioned (my way was more time-efficient even), roll his eyes at my comments, and such. Once when he was asking me for some personal info I finally told him, ‘why would I give a bully additional info to use against me?’ I had lots of hair loss, high blood pressure, unsettling dreams leading to unsettled sleep patterns, and felt tired all the time. I did finally make it to retirement, whew, and it took 6-10 months for my body to realign from all the stress.

#6817 Workplace bullying has to end! My diabetic dad is too afraid to speak out against his coworker and boss who are creating a severe hostile work environment for fear of losing his job. This epidemic has to stop.

#6807 I had loved my job and the people I worked for and with; but after seeing my boss bully and harrass employees untill they quit or are fired; it suddenley became my turn. i could not understand why a guy that i gave everything to 12- 15 hours a day, would harrass me and call me names to the point where I would be hospitalized sevaral times for severe anxiety disorder, and have to live with it and medication. all caused by one man that felt that with power and riches he can ruin anyone’s life he choses.

#6795 Bullying is unethical, unAmerican and unacceptable.

#6766 I was bullied and harassed relentlessly at work, at home, and in public, by my “law enforcement” co-workers, including the chief, for speaking out against their torture of K9’s for personal amusement, and no one in the government would come to my assistance.

#6747 I was bullied by a woman at a job I had as a CPA’s assistant. She was let go only because her abrasive personality lost the firm 3 good paying clients, not because she was an abusive person. We have to stop workplace bullying on the national level! Everyone has the right to a workplace free from fear.

#6743 I have witnessed and experienced bullying in my current contracting job and in my previous local government employment. The Federal Branch Chief bullies contractors ~ forcing them to fire employees and change employee staffing assignments. She intimidates and threatens everyone. As if that isn’t bad enough, there is a trickle down effect in my contracting job. Senior staff also bully and intimidate staff into quiet and complete submission. They physically stand over (to physically intimidate) and yell at employees and threaten them. One is never allowed to question anything even when receiving inconsistant direction on tasks. When one of my coworkers went to HR, the HR staff person informed the senior staff person who then escalated the abuse. My coworker gave notice and quit her job because of all the stress. In this tough job market, most people cannot afford to just quit and look for other employment. It gives the bullies even more fervor to run rampant. In my previous job, I was forced to file a grievance and get an attorney to protect myself. While I won the grievance, they found an excuse to lay me off at the first opportunity ~ claiming a cut to grant funding, which didn’t actually happen. I was the senior staff person and the only one laid off.

#6733 The person bullying me is one of my bosses (I have many–we’re talking a hierarchy). She’s always speaking against me, the work that I do is never good enough, though I am a very good worker. She’s known as “tough” and “excellent”, but she’s just mean. I’m not the only one she dislikes, she has had people fired. I’m just the one who refuses to leave. She bullies me for one reason–she wants me gone! I would go, but can’t afford to. Her fellow bosses either are afraid of her, or admire her. She definitely knows how to work her way around the big boss. who is trying to get rid of all older workers–which I am. Please help get rid of the bullying!! Thank you!

#6707 It’s time for everyone to grow up. If that means people can’t hold down jobs until they can act like adults and not playground bullies, then let’s go for it.

#6695 I know for a fact that this goes on because it happened to me! By a Supervisor no less!

#6689 I have personally experience this form of workplace abuse. When I was bullied in to quitting my job of 7 years, I refused. I ultimately lost my job when they decided to “dissolve” my position with the company. No reason was given. In order to receive unemployment benefits I was strong armed in to signing an agreement saying I would not sue. I had no choice since I have small children and did not want to lose my home. I still do not believe this type of thing is happening in our country. I was a hard working reliable employee and I lost my job. Believe me when I say that this can happen to ANYONE. We need legislation to help protect US workers NOW!

#6642 This is truly a tragic phenomenon which I have seen in my private practice as a psychotherapist.

#6615 DEAR MR.PRESIDENT. this should not even be an issue,but we do need help,a law to protect the workers.

#6529 Bullying causes alot of pain and mental anguish. I have been a victim of bullying (not in the workplace but elsewhere) and I know that I felt low and depressed which lead to a diagnosis of clinical depression. People who bully and derive pleasure from it are sick and are missin something very fundamental in their wiring. They need as much as the person being bullied. So I am asking you, Dept of Labor to protect workers from bullies and abusive workplaces. Thank you

#6453 i worked at a good nyc school and contributed much to the department, school and most important,the students. the last ten years we had a principal who used his power to bully as means of silencing anybody who opposedhim. teachers who would never think of transfering or early retirement left in a mass exodous . his method was to attack anybody who who challenged him and to hire and promote only toadies. BULLYING DESTROYED A GREAT PROGRAM AND DROVE HUNDREDS OF GOOD TEACHERS OUT OF A FLAGSHIP SCHOOLS . IT IS 17 YEARS LATER AND THE SCHOOL HAS NEVER FULLY RECOVERED. BULLYING DESTROYED A SCHOOL PROGRAM AND DENIED 2 GENERATIONS A CHANCE!

#6447 t’s been almost a year since I experienced workplace bullying….it was pretty bad. I never imagined that I would be a victim of workplace bullying. Now…..I’m very happy to be working in a healthy and caring environment. I wish a law had been in place to protect me to stop what was unfairly occurring to me on a daily basis.

6 thoughts on “DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: “HELP US! We’re being bullied out of our jobs…”

  1. I, too, have had to endure 6 years of condescening comments, hateful remarks and bullying behavior. I have had it, though, and will be retiring after 30 years with a school district I love. I’ve been to management so many times, I can’t count them, and they
    have given him a finger-shaking, but that’s all. Others in my department have left as well, and currently 5 more employees plan to leave this summer. I feel there is no recourse, and I want him to pay for my pain! EEOC claim??


  2. While I am sorry so many employees of corporate America have experienced workplace bullying and mobbing in the workplace, I am pleased to know that so many experiences seem to have been brought to the attention of our current national leadership. If we have any hope of saving the United States of America and making our society more civilized and progressive, it is in our current leadership, under the leadership and administration of President Obama. Two years ago, I was regurgitated from the proverbial belly of a corporate beast. After nearly two years of being targeted by “peer” and “supervisor” bullies and ultimately told by a managing associate and HR that I was “the problem”, I was forced out of my position as a contract employee (J.D.) on a long-term litigation project. The behaviors of several co-workers (also contract workers) and my supervisors might be compared to those of the stereotypical schoolyard/neighborhood bully, but for the fact that these individuals were in their late twenties through middle-age and beyond. The actors were full-grown adults on the face of it; however, their behavior exemplified the psychopathy of the corporate milieu. For the record, I have not been able to find reasonable employment since; the contemporaneous economic downturn notwithstanding. So, I wholeheartedly join the voices of the thousands of others who have “survived” workplace bullying and mobbing and I urge our President and Congress to enact effective, tough, enforceable Healthy Workplace legislation.


  3. Since this is an election year, I would add that anyone who would entertain even fleetingly the thought of supporting a republican or “conservative” candidate deludes himself/herself and votes against his/her ultimate best interests. Let us remember that one republican nominee has reportedly gutted at least one company in his own self-interest . Where are the jobs creation and economic stimulus in that managerial / lead shareholder decision? Both that nominee and another so-called “improvement ” over our current leadership have stated that they “…do not care about the poor…” and “… don”t care about unemployment rates…”. Between these revelations from the nominees own mouths and the fact that neither of those who would be “king” espouses a reasonable, workable form of healthcare for the masses of Americans who have no coverage, it is clear that these conservative idealogues are telling us all to “eat cake”. No conservative elected official cares about workers’ rights/interests. No conservative will ever make a genuine effort to change the status quo where corporate interests are on the table.


  4. These testimonials are truly disturbing. Every day there seem to be less and less jobs available in today’s economy and it’s rather unfortunate there are people who feel they must endure these working conditions just for a paycheck. I hope the Obama Administration responds to these matters; hopefully it will deter and at the very least, scare some people into acting civilized. Although there’s still a long way to go to see any progress, maybe some people should consider contacting a staffing firm for temporary work. Although removing yourself from the situation seems unnecessary, it will at least give you peace of mind.


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