OUTLAW WORKPLACE BULLYING: A chance to be heard!

How cool is this!

Beverly, You signed on February 10, 2012. Your signature has been delivered to: Department of Labor and President Obama

Finally we all have a pipeline to tell our stories and ask for respect and dignity in the workplace. Here’s what I told them:

Many of us have experienced the devastating consequences of this abuse first hand. Some, like myself, were lucky enough to move on. Far more do not. No one should ever be subjected to a hostile work environment.

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Sign the petition.  Blog about the petition.  Tweet about the petition.  Here’s what Patricia Barnes posted on her own blog:

Now you can do something about the epidemic of workplace bullying!

Please sign this petition to ask President Obama and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to formulate uniform national legislation to protect American workers from this widely recognized form of workplace violence.

The petition drive is sponsored by this blog (When the Abuser Goes to Work) and other workplace anti-bully advocates.

Workplace bullying is devastating to the mental and physical health of targets and it costs employees, employers and taxpayers billions each year in lost productivity, absenteeism and health and social welfare costs.

America lags far behind other industrialized countries on this issue. Sweden adopted a workplace anti-bully law in 1993. The 32 countries of the European Union agreed in 2007 to require employers to prevent and protect workers from workplace bullying. Workers in Turkey and Estonia have protection from workplace bullying – why don’t we?

A 2011 survey by CareerBuilder found that 27 percent of American workers report having been bullied in the workplace. The short-term impact of this form of abuse is severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. The long-term impact of high stress is chronic disease,  including cardiovascular disease.

The vast majority of targets have little or no legal recourse. For many, the only hope is to quit and face chronic unemployment.

9 thoughts on “OUTLAW WORKPLACE BULLYING: A chance to be heard!

  1. There is not a moment to waste before enacting Federal legislation. People move jobs so there needs to be a national coverage of individuals. If you are looking to see national model progressing to legislation, you could do look at what Australia is doing. They have a first draft which is currently being reviewed and expectations are that the Fair Work Act will specifically ban bullying and harrassment in the workplace. The FWA protects the rights of the individual to complain and blow the whistle if appropriate.


    • Thank you for your comment! I think you’re right that we can learn valuable lessons from countries that have already enacted legislation or regulatory responses. Canada has an interesting approach as well. I hope that you have signed the petition and can help reach out to others to help get additional signatures.


  2. In my book about Resolving Workplace Bullying, I said that “workplace bullying is from the dark side of organisational life”. Some plant grow with the right amount of light, but when the heat is turned up, they whither and die. Perhaps as time goes by, the heat will be put on bullies and their behaviours will change.


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    • Thank you for your support! And please help get word out to others about the petition… it does help to show the depth of the issue and allow each person signing to have a personal face.


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