Was Anthony Weiner an Abusive Boss?

Prior to Weiner’s heartbreaking Press Conference, Emily Rooney went on WGBH and alleged that Weiner was an aggressive boss who verbally attacked her nephew and other members of his staff.  Watch what she has to say for yourself:

2 thoughts on “Was Anthony Weiner an Abusive Boss?

  1. Check out the Workplace Bullying Institute, and Jodie Zebell, age 31, and Kevin Morrisey. Employees are comitting suicide, because their is no support from management, to get rid of the controlling, jealous, disrespectful, demeaning co-workers, and bosses. We need to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill immediately.


    • Thanks for posting! I’ve redacted the names you included in the post. I hope that’s not an issue for you and if it is please let me know but it’s our policy not to accrue lawsuits.


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