Public Hearing! Speak Out & Act Now To Help Stop Abusive Bosses

Connecticut Public Hearing

“Bullying in the workplace makes it miserable for people to go to work.  It causes stress-related physical problems.  It causes emotional distress that could be disastrous.  Bullying is everywhere and we need to stop it.”

– Senator Edith Prague, Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Labor and Public Employees

State Senator Edith Prague has re-introduced legislation  [House Bill 5285] that would require the state to document Workplace Violence & Bullying experienced by public employees.  The Labor and Public Employees Committee will hold a public hearing on this bill on Tuesday, March 2nd at 2PM in Hearing Room 1E of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. 

Like many other states, Connecticut responded to the rash of workplace homicides in the 90’s. In 1999 then Governor Rowland enacted an Executive Order which included: any employee who feels subjected to or witnesses violent, threatening, harassing, or intimidating behavior in the workplace immediately report the incident or statement to their supervisor, manager,or human resources office.

The 2007 Procedure Manual on Violence in the Workplace issued by Governor Rell’s office  quotes the FBI indicators of Workplace Violence and includes: intimidation, belligerent, bullying or other inappropriate behavior directed at others

As the tragic Yale murder reminds us all it’s time for preventions already in place to be strengthened and enforced.

You Don’t Have To Be From Connecticut To Support This Legislation

Call or Email Governor Jodi Rell and let her know that you support 5285 and want legislation already on the books enforced and strengthened to stop psychological harassment, domestic violence in the workplace and all other types of Workplace Violence.

To Testify In Person

“For those persons wishing to testify, we ask that they sign up at noon in Room 3800 (Labor Committee office).  We also need 50 copies of written testimony, to be submitted at the time of sign-up.” – Senator Prague’s office

1 thought on “Public Hearing! Speak Out & Act Now To Help Stop Abusive Bosses

  1. I am being bullied from Day 3 of my employment in a US company with [redacted] in Philippines.I am now in the 4th month and being mobbed by bully boss and my subordinates.I reported to HR and legal , but, to no avail. Should I reach out to our mother company in US, though I’m here in Philippine [redacted]


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