Three years, six weeks = One thousand, one hundred and forty-two days and nights!

[Submitted by Tracey] It has been three years and six weeks since I left my job of nearly twenty years and yet I am still haunted in my dreams by the terrible four months that ended my successful career, devastated me personally and financially, and completely tore my heart open. It has had a lasting effect on my relationships with family and friends. There are no easy words to describe the impact bullying in the workplace has on the lives of people who have been targeted by these modern-day Jekyll and Hydes.

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IN HIS OWN WORDS: NY’s Study Bill Sponsor… ©Beverly Peterson

Here’s NY State Assemblyman Mark Schroeder talking about the Study Bill which needs to pass the senate in order to become law.

Study Bill moving through Albany & Illinois…

I first met Assemblyman Mark Schroeder in June 2008.  He was waiting for a House vote on his bill to study hostile work environments with the goal of stopping abusive bosses.  We all kept an eye on the vote board that hangs high above the assembly hall as Schroeder slipped out to talk to our camera.  The bill had already made it’s way through all of the committees with strong suport.  When would it come up for vote?  The clock kept ticking.  Pat, my videographer, and I held out as long as we could but finally had to leave in order to get home in time for our daily work-a-days.   Just as well since the bill never came up for a vote.  Schroeder reintroduced the study bill again this year and it passed the House and moved on to the Senate.