Newly Released Documentary Takes On Workplace Bullying — with a twist!

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Ted Genoways Documentary StillWithin weeks of Kevin Morrissey’s suicide, advocates and journalists quickly pinned the “bully” label on his boss, Ted Genoways.  The story went viral and turned workplace bullying into a hot topic with Kevin the “poster child” for the Workplace Bullying Institute’s legislation. But, was Ted really a bully?  And, who should decide?  This provocative film, What Killed Kevin?, challenges common misconceptions and forces the viewer to decide for themselves. Featured are Ted Genoways, Kevin’s co-worker Waldo Jaquith, Kevin’s sister Maria, journalist Dave McNair and advocates for the Healthy Workplace Bill.  What Killed Kevin? is currently available for purchase by public and university libraries for educational use.  Here’s more information:

Defining Workplace Bullying

Filmakers Library/Alexander Street Films

Length: 47 min
Released: 2012
A Film by Beverly Peterson
One summer morning, Kevin Morrissey, managing editor at the Virginia Quarterly Review, walked to an abandoned coal tower, then dialed 911 to report a shooting before turning his gun on himself.After hearing evidence of discord between Kevin and his boss, Kevin’s sister Maria contacted the Workplace Bullying Institute and agreed to use Kevin’s case to pursue protective legislation.

Even before Kevin’s death, filmmaker Beverly Peterson had been exploring workplace bullying, a condition which afflicts millions of Americans and can lead to severe anxiety, depression, and debilitating physical harm. After hearing of Kevin, Peterson traveled to Virginia to follow the story and developed a film that examines Kevin’s case.

What Killed Kevin? is a documentary that ultimately questions the nature of bullying itself.

5 thoughts on “Newly Released Documentary Takes On Workplace Bullying — with a twist!

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  3. I was a manager and was completely targeted by a small group of staff- while my life is not over there were times where I thought I would be easier than not having my Director and VP believe me- because bosses bully and are not bullied.


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