What is the role of the press and advocates when a family links suicide to workplace bullying?

This week Eyewitness News 4 (NBC) broke a story about a family who claims a Santa Fe suicide is the result of workplace bullying. I’m not writing about whether that claim is true or not –  both sides haven’t been heard yet and none of us know. This is about how the media and advocates often frame these stories. In 2010, I interviewed Ed Wasserman about the way journalists cover suicide for my documentary, What Killed Kevin? which is about the tragic suicide of Kevin Morrissey. Kevin’s death turned out to be the pivotal event… Read More

Documentary about VQR suicide reveals a cautionary tale

What Killed Kevin Still Genoways

Nearly two years after the managing editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review killed himself following complaints he made about his boss, Ted Genoways, Mr. Genoways has announced that he is stepping down as editor of the award-winning literary journal. - [Chronicle of Higher Education, April 4, 2012 Robin Wilson] This weekend I finally finished editing the long version of my documentary about the aftermath of Kevin’s suicide.  It’s a revealing portrait of today’s workplace bullying movement, the lack of depth in media coverage about the topic, and a cautionary tale about the complexity of our… Read More

“Jodie’s Law” needs “Teeth” to fight workplace bullying


In 2010 I posted my short documentary “Jodie’s Law” about a young woman who her family alleges committed suicide due to workplace bullying.  This is an update from her Aunt: We have received tremendous response from your documentary both Nationally and around the world. We/My family always felt if sharing the heartbreak of our family would help save one life, our efforts and Jodie’s death would not have been in vain. Having taken that step forward, has brought many to us who have told us they were prepared to take their life when… Read More

Tell Your Story!


Redirect: http://bullyinworkplace.com/your-stories/

RELEASED: 2009 Workplace Suicide Statistics


Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US DOL) released preliminary results from the “National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries In 2009.” While the homicide rates include incidents like the shooting in Fort Hood they also include other types of homicides at work.

China and workplace suicides

This week the New York Times reported that a young Chinese factory worker  jumped to his death from his dorm window.  He worked 11 hours a day, 7 days a week for about $1 an hour.  A demotion left him cleaning toilets.  He was one of 10 workers from the same company who committed suicide and media attention has resulted in several large pay increases for employees. 


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