OSHA vs Hollywood


OSHA vs. Hollywood: Round 1 Guest Post from Compliance And Safety analyzes movie and T.V shows for OSHA violations with the help of a professional safety consultant. Workplace safety does not receive much mainstream exposure. The vast majority of the U.S population does not know what OSHA is or what it regulates. We’re intent on changing that.  In this post, we’ll analyze the $250 million dollar 90′s blockbuster Enemy of the State and NBC’s The Office for OSHA violations.A special thanks goes out to contributing safety expert Anne Evans for her assistance in creating this post.(1998) Enemy… Read More

Adding OSHA to the arsenal against workplace bullying – it’s about time!

“OSHA’s existing regulatory scheme should incorporate workplace bullying because OSHA is a singularly appropriate vehicle for such efforts and because prevention of workplace bullying through an existing scheme complements efforts to enact new legislation specifically addressing the problem.” [Susan Harthill] Several years ago Susan Harthill presented her findings at the 2010 International Conference on Workplace Bullying & Harassment to leading advocates, researchers, and practitioners within the global workplace bullying movement.  Besides Harthill, keynote speakers included Professor David Yamada, author of the Healthy Workplace Bill, and Dr Gary Namie, founder of the Workplace… Read More


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