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We Won A Webby for our Documentary on workplace bullying!



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Do Republican & Democratic Women See Sexual Harassment The Same?

This week the Pew Research Center released a survey showing that 4 in 10 Americans feel the sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain are true and that, on balance, media coverage has been fair.  It’s hard to imagine any issue in today’s hotly political climate that doesn’t change when looked at in terms of party.  So, not surprisingly Pew found that Democrats are far more likely to believe the allegations. Here’s where it gets weird.  Cain remains in the news for condescendingly swiping at Speaker Pelosi with the label “Princess” and reportedly making jokes about whether Anita Hill would support him. Even the NY Daily News pointedly reported: Herman Cain, GOP presidential hopeful accused of sexual harassment, frequent defense: It was a ‘joke.’  At first glance it would appear that Cain is insensitive to the feelings of those Republican women who choose to follow him.  However, he may actually be playing to his crowd. The really interesting numbers in the Pew Survey pop out when it’s broken down by both partisanship & gender. Check out the table below.

…But among Republican and Republican-leaners, women are more likely than men to say they think the allegations are false…


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