Workplace Bullying: WE DON’T DO THAT HERE


Lessons learned at the 2nd Annual Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education [CACHE] My first documentary, Sandra’s Web, the intimate video letter from a homeless mother with AIDS left as a legacy for her daughter, premiered on HBO. A few days after the broadcast the legendary George Stoney, my beloved mentor, looked at me and essentially said, That’s nice. Now the real work begins.  It was a life changing lesson he passed on to so many of us who produce social justice documentaries. So, while I was delighted to win an Honorary Webby this year… Read More

Read about our new documentary in Psychology Today!

What Killed Kevin documentary by Beverly Peterson

Psychology Today’s new review of was posted today! “It is a brilliant use of technology for which Peterson was awarded Best TransMedia Website at the 2013UFVA “Story First Conference,” and has been praised by The Washington Post for showing how complicated human relationships can be when explored in depth.” Check out the review: Documentary Asks Troubling Questions About Bullying  Don’t forget to leave a comment on the PT article letting them know what you think…

Got A Bad Boss? Protect Your Health!

Please check out this infographic courtesy of Compliance and Safety:

Dear Facebook Stalker

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Nurse Jackie and the Workplace Bully – or is he?

nurse jackie

Last night I caught an episode of Nurse Jackie.  Paramedics quickly wheel a pregnant woman into the ER.  Dr Cruz, the newest member of the team who also happens to be in charge of everyone, tells a very pregnant Dr. O’Hara to step aside so he can take control.  It’s clear to viewers that Dr Cruz has falsely assumed he needs to protect a very pregnant, and therefore very weak, Dr. Ohara from an emotionally trying situation.  

Daring to Fault the Bully Label: Making WHAT KILLED KEVIN


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