Canadian Expert Says Companies Who Condone Workplace Bullying Are Short-Sighted

here’s been a disturbing two-fold trend in workplace bullying. In short, employers are mistreating particular employees as a way to encourage these employees to quit and serving as an example to others to `tow the line, do more with and for less, shut up and put up or this will happen to you`. The targeted employee becomes the example to others who desire to keep their jobs in an unsettled economic climate. Since bullying is all about control it`s a way management gains the upper hand. Unfortunately, this `upper hand` is NOT the healthy control resulting from a hierarchy. Rather, this is the unhealthy control based on fear and it promotes the bullying culture in an environment.

Which Countries Are Most Interested In Workplace Bullying?

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Which corner of the world googles the phrase “workplace bullying” the most?  Well Australia and Ireland seem pretty matched in the number 1 & 2 spots — which given the disparity of size of the two countries says something for the plight of the Irish worker.  New Zealand isn’t far behind.  And, the UK, Canada and the US follow showing the least interest. The top trending news stories about workplace bullying are related to health issues and legislation:

Canada Takes On Workplace Bullies!

Special Guest Blog from Workplace Bullying expert and Legislative Advocate Dr. Lisa M.S. Barrow, author of “In Darkness Light Dawns: Exposing Workplace Bullying“ and “Hope For a Healthy Workplace“.  She was deeply involved in Canada’s recent passage of anti-bullying legislation. 


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