Why Raising Walmart Wages Helps The Economy

Walmart CEO Michael Duke’s $35 million annual salary constitutes an hourly wage equal to the annual salary of the average Walmart employee. — Jonathon Turley Walmart tops the “leading retailer by employment chart” with over 2 million employees — next on the list is Target with only 365,000.  Today Walmart workers will go on strike to demand fair wages among other issues. A study by Demos reports that “Retail jobs are a crucial source of income for the families of workers in the sector, yet currently more than 1 million retail workers and their… Read More

Black Thursday? Or, Black Friday? Will Walmart’s employee strike work?

It all depends on shoppers.  Walmart wants to bring people in before the stirke — and ABC’s Good Morning America glibly helps them make their case: Related articles Walmart’s Black Friday showdown (salon.com) Walmart employees may strike on Black Friday (king5.com)


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