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6 Years: Living and Breathing Workplace Bullying


This New Years I’m giving thanks to all of you who have supported my work and helped me create a powerful network of websites and videos.  Top on the list is my tech guru and  videographer, Patrick Perrotto, who has always been there.  He freely donated the use of his state of the art broadcast quality equipment and did much of the driving. Over the years we’ve been to Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, New York (numerous times), Virginia (numerous times), Pennsylvania and Canada and I even took a few solos to Wisconsin,… Read More Sponsors ‘Take Action’ Screenings During ‘Freedom From Workplace Bullying Week’


Advocating With Film To Raise Awareness About Workplace Bullying Many thanks for your surprising support!  Advocates and victim/targets all over the country – and even Australia – are taking part in our “use film to create change“ initiative for both individual and community actions.  Some of the actions include:  Screening Party Mailing DVD to local legislators Lobbying Town Hall Meeting College courses Trainings Sharing with fellow employees who are being bullied Sharing with family members, friends, and co-workers to show the impact of workplace bullying and validate the experience Donating to local library… Read More

New Initiative Stares Down Workplace Bullying


Our Bully Pulpit combines the power of original documentary film and the reach of multiple media platforms to spark a movement that exposes the devastating effects of workplace bullying. Accurate information, reliable sources, new voices and new ideas are all housed within the new interactive home at Catherine Mattice, president of Civility Partners, LLC, a consulting firm focused on eradicating bullying and other negative behaviors, says, “There are a lot of consultants, therapists, professionals and targets with a point of view and lessons learned to share. Our Bully Pulpit provides a means for them to… Read More

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EEOC Takes Aim at Age Discrimination!


WASHINGTON— At a meeting held today, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission heard testimony that age discrimination is causing the nation’s older workers to have a difficult time maintaining and finding new employment, a problem exacerbated by the downturn in the economy. The number and percentage of age discrimination charges filed with the EEOC have grown, rising from 16,548 charges — 21.8 percent of all charges — filed in fiscal year 2006, to 22,778 —24.4 percent — in fiscal year 2009.


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