Did Victim of Workplace Bullying Fake Mental Injuries?


This disturbing article by Noel Towell in the Sydney Morning Herald presents the story of a man who claimed an abusive boss left him in need of electroshock therapy countered by the healthy picture of this same man on surveillance DVDs gathered by his employer:

Australia Releases Report On Workplace Bullying

Workplace Relation’s Minister Bill Shorten was interviewed on ABC TV about the results of Australia’s exhaustive parliamentary inquiry into workplace bullying  Calling it a scourge that runs into billions of dollars and more importantly takes a human toll, Shorten called for “zero tolerance.”  An article in News.com.au says the inquiries report, “Workplace Bullying: We Just Want It To Stop,” recommends “strengthening existing laws and clearly definingwhat workplace bullying is.”  America, are you listening?

Australia Told To Enact Law Requiring Workplace Bullying Policies: U.S. Still Falls Far Behind

Other industrialized countries have enacted workplace anti-bullying protections – some decades ago.  Australia now takes the lead as it conducts an impressive inquiry into workplace bullying.  Early testimony released by Australia says national legislation requiring employers to implement strong, clear policies is needed. U.S. Falls Farther Behind The following text is from the organization lobbying State by State for passage of their anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill: …it doesn’t mandate the state to do anything and it has no fiscal impact, nor does it make employers do anything. If they want to be… Read More

A cautionary tale from Australia regarding workplace bullying…

Picture 2

Australia is seeing a huge spike in workplace bullying claims but the majority fall short of qualifying. Ian Forsyth of WorkSafe says this is due to “greater awareness about bullying and, in particular, to the case of 19-year-old waitress Brodie Panlock, who committed suicide in 2006 after being relentlessly bullied by four colleagues at a Hawthorn cafe.” The positive outcome is that legislation was enacted as a result of media pressure.  The downside is that despite all of the news coverage important information about workplace bullying was not absorbed by the public…. Read More

Which Countries Are Most Interested In Workplace Bullying?

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Which corner of the world googles the phrase “workplace bullying” the most?  Well Australia and Ireland seem pretty matched in the number 1 & 2 spots — which given the disparity of size of the two countries says something for the plight of the Irish worker.  New Zealand isn’t far behind.  And, the UK, Canada and the US follow showing the least interest. The top trending news stories about workplace bullying are related to health issues and legislation:


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