New Hampshire Legislature Passes Workplace Bullying Law

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Back in February we highlighted union backed legislation that was pushing through New Hampshire. On June 4 it officially passed through the House and Senate. Similar to the bill that whizzed through Tennessee, HB 0591  is limited to Public Employees and emphasizes the need to implement policies and training. We would all love to see stand alone legislation with all the protections employees deserve but this growing trend that focuses on finding ways to pass legislation has infused energy and movement into a previously stalled campaign. And, more importantly, workers are beginning to have… Read More

Kansas Joins Push For New Ways To Address Workplace Bullying

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…It is the purpose of this act to insure that every state agency has a policy in place to address and correct workplace bullying… Kansas has joined the growing number of States seeking out new legislative solutions to ensure dignity in our workplaces. The Kansas Organization of State Employees (KOSE) is pushing to get House Bill 2720, through their State Legislature to protect public workers from psychological abuse.  Click on this link to watch the Fox News report featuring KOSE speaker, John Bates.  Excerpts from the bill featured below  call on the state to… Read More

NFL Bullying and New “Code of Conduct”

The NFL knows how to create “special teams” and they’re doing just that to create a new code of conduct. These policies have been used successfully to protect employees from abuse.

Gov’t Agency Addresses Bullying To Create “Violence-Free Workplace”


Can we protect workers from bullying? One federal agency is trying…

Using Workplace Violence Policies To Stop Workplace Bullying

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unions and advocates have finally recognized that this type of approach can help protect workers. Municipalities like Ventura County (CA), Pima County (AZ), Hennepin County (MN) and others have only recently expanded discrimination and workplace violence policies to address bullying. Imagine how much suffering could have been spared if this approach had been embraced earlier on. But, what about workers in the private sector?

Using Union Contracts To Protect Teachers From Bullying

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Unions are using their contracts to help curb workplace bullying


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