CIA Cracks Down On Bullying & Harassment


An internal CIA document obtained by the Associated Press shows that the agency is disciplining abusive managers:  “…These days, the CIA says it has a zero tolerance policy toward workplace harassment. And an agency document obtained by The Associated Press said 15 CIA employees were disciplined for committing sexual, racial or other types of harassment last year. That included a supervisor who was removed from the job after engaging in “bullying, hostile behavior,” and an operative who was sent home from an overseas post for inappropriately touching female colleagues, said the document, an… Read More

Town Updates Workplace Violence Policy to Prevent Bullying


How hard is it to protect your employees and bottom line from workplace bullying? One upstate town in New York simply expanded their workplace violence policy.  Read this week’s article by Nancy Fischer in the Buffalo News (3/4/14): City policy on workplace bullying is adopted by Council in North Tonawanda NORTH TONAWANDA – Bullying has gotten a lot of attention among schoolchildren, but hostile work environments and bullying behavior in the workplace are now being addressed by a bill in the State Legislature. In advance of the proposed legislation, the North Tonawanda… Read More

Gov’t Agency Addresses Bullying To Create “Violence-Free Workplace”


Can we protect workers from bullying? One federal agency is trying…

SEIU Uses Workplace Violence Policy To Stop Bullying

dignity clause seiu

Unions use workplace violence policies to prevent bullying. Why aren’t legislators using this template to protect all workers?

Using Workplace Violence Policies To Stop Workplace Bullying

Edith Prague

unions and advocates have finally recognized that this type of approach can help protect workers. Municipalities like Ventura County (CA), Pima County (AZ), Hennepin County (MN) and others have only recently expanded discrimination and workplace violence policies to address bullying. Imagine how much suffering could have been spared if this approach had been embraced earlier on. But, what about workers in the private sector?

Mike Rice and Prevention Policies #FAIL

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 8.13.04 AM

Mike Rice and the failure of Rutger’s workplace violence policy to protect students and co-workers.


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