1/3 of employees admit verbally abusing co-workers

‘Walking on eggshells’ at work around anger management rejects is exhausting. And, way too many of us are familiar with the ‘I’m just an emotional person’ or ‘I tell it like it is’ excuses that typically follow these eruptions. According to a segment of ABC’s 20/20 “Workplace Confidential” that focused on employee meltdowns, nearly 1/3 of Americans admit verbally abusing their co-workers. Yep, it’s not always

Follow up on Women In Trucking

Yesterday I posted a Sneak Peek of a video I’ll be posting on harassment in the trucking industry.  It featured an interview with Ellen Voie, President & CEO of Women In Trucking.  Today I received this comment from her brother and I wanted to address his concerns formally: Beverly, I am Ellen Voie’s brother. I don’t know what impression Ellen made on you, or what you wish to do, but I think you are missing Ellen’s goal to help start a forum for women drivers to speak out against abuses and to… Read More

Raw Sound Bytes on Harassment From a Trucking Convention

SNEAK PEEK! I hate filming in conferences. Sit downs grabbed in awkward ugly rooms with lousy lighting and booming distracting noises. But, I was willing to overlook all of that for the chance to fly down to Dallas for the Great American Truck Show and learn about the extent of harassment in the trucking industry. I packed up my smallest HiDef camera and signed up for a Press pass.  I quickly sat down with Ellen Voie, President & CEO of the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) to talk with her about sexual… Read More


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