Using Union Contracts To Protect Teachers From Bullying

teacher in classroom

Unions are using their contracts to help curb workplace bullying

Mercy, what will become of us?

Workplace bullying advocates upset their followers with divisive rhetoric while referencing Sandy Hook

A Deeper Look At The Chicago Teacher’s Strike

Here’s an interesting New York Times OP ED by documentary filmmaker Alex Kotlowitz: THE Chicago teachers’ strike, which appears to be winding down, may be seminal, but for reasons that are not necessarily apparent. It came as a surprise. In July, the city had agreed to hire more teachers to accommodate a longer school day. Last Sunday, the city agreed to a substantial pay raise. The following day, teachers walked off their jobs for the first time since 1987. The union’s president, Karen Lewis, complained at a news conference about the lack… Read More

Bullying Policies #FAIL

Yesterday’s New York Times article, The Bullying Culture of Medical School, should  shake up everyone involved in the struggle to curb bullying.   13 years ago UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine incorporated policies and prevention techniques to curb bullying.   Surveys in the 90s  showed that 85% of third year medical students believed they were being mistreated.  UCLA’s effort to stop and prevent bullying was broad and encompassing.

Bullying Turns Into Violent Teen Mob – WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE?

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It takes a nation to create the type of systemic change needed to help kids and teens who are vulnerable and trying to navigate an increasingly violent world.


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