Workplace Bullying: WE DON’T DO THAT HERE


Lessons learned at the 2nd Annual Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education [CACHE] My first documentary, Sandra’s Web, the intimate video letter from a homeless mother with AIDS left as a legacy for her daughter, premiered on HBO. A few days after the broadcast the legendary George Stoney, my beloved mentor, looked at me and essentially said, That’s nice. Now the real work begins.  It was a life changing lesson he passed on to so many of us who produce social justice documentaries. So, while I was delighted to win an Honorary Webby this year… Read More

New Hampshire Legislature Passes Workplace Bullying Law

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Back in February we highlighted union backed legislation that was pushing through New Hampshire. On June 4 it officially passed through the House and Senate. Similar to the bill that whizzed through Tennessee, HB 0591  is limited to Public Employees and emphasizes the need to implement policies and training. We would all love to see stand alone legislation with all the protections employees deserve but this growing trend that focuses on finding ways to pass legislation has infused energy and movement into a previously stalled campaign. And, more importantly, workers are beginning to have… Read More

Tennessee Enacts Law to Prevent Workplace Bullying – But…

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Tennessee becomes the first state to pass the Healthy Workplace Act. It’s a bittersweet victory. Policies alone are not as effective in preventing abusive conduct as those that carry threat of litigation.

More Employees Cite “Incivility” As Reason For Leaving Jobs

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Even though the 2013 report, Civility in America, showed a sharp decline in workplace incivility in the last two years “there has been a 30% increase in Americans reporting they have quit a job because it was an uncivil workplace.”  This increase in job shifts is surprising because a similar decline was found by the Workplace Bullying Institute in relationship to more abusive situations; down from 13% in 2007 to just 7% in 2014.

New Jersey Experts Offer Multiple Solutions To End Workplace Bullying


In a few weeks we’re taking what we believe is a huge step forward. April 4, NJ State Senator Linda Greenstein will headline “WORKPLACE BULLYING: SEEKING SOLUTIONS,” a half-day convention at Rutgers School of Law-Newark. The event brings together legal experts for both business interests and employees, labor leaders, business consultants and others deeply committed to preventing this type of abuse in order to talk frankly and share best practices. New Jersey is just the beginning.

Town Updates Workplace Violence Policy to Prevent Bullying


How hard is it to protect your employees and bottom line from workplace bullying? One upstate town in New York simply expanded their workplace violence policy.  Read this week’s article by Nancy Fischer in the Buffalo News (3/4/14): City policy on workplace bullying is adopted by Council in North Tonawanda NORTH TONAWANDA – Bullying has gotten a lot of attention among schoolchildren, but hostile work environments and bullying behavior in the workplace are now being addressed by a bill in the State Legislature. In advance of the proposed legislation, the North Tonawanda… Read More


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