Workplace Bullying: WE DON’T DO THAT HERE


Lessons learned at the 2nd Annual Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education [CACHE] My first documentary, Sandra’s Web, the intimate video letter from a homeless mother with AIDS left as a legacy for her daughter, premiered on HBO. A few days after the broadcast the legendary George Stoney, my beloved mentor, looked at me and essentially said, That’s nice. Now the real work begins.  It was a life changing lesson he passed on to so many of us who produce social justice documentaries. So, while I was delighted to win an Honorary Webby this year… Read More

Top 3 Myths of Workplace Bullying

Catherine Mattice

The definition of workplace bullying is difficult to pin down. Catherine Mattice sheds light on myths that block a true understanding.

Mediation & HR and the Workplace Bully

Val Cade

Val Cade, a workplace consultant and author of Bully Free at Work (Clips from the interactive version of

MASSACHUSETTS: Using Anti-Harassment Laws For Workplace Bullying

Who Knows What You Say About Your Bully Boss Online?

So, your boss is making you miserable and you’re in that space where you just can’t stop talking about what they did to you today?  yesterday? tomorrow?  Detail after humiliating detail? And, it’s just not fair and you’re mad and you can’t think of enough miserable adjectives to describe the truly despicable way you’ve been treated?  And, now it’s late at night and you’re at the computer and you just want to tell the world?  Here’s a sobering infographic I found on the Internet that let’s you see just who is checking… Read More

Does HR Respond To Workplace Bullying Complaints?

Picture 36

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