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What Killed Kevin documentary by Beverly Peterson

Psychology Today’s new review of was posted today! “It is a brilliant use of technology for which Peterson was awarded Best TransMedia Website at the 2013UFVA “Story First Conference,” and has been praised by The Washington Post for showing how complicated human relationships can be when explored in depth.” Check out the review: Documentary Asks Troubling Questions About Bullying  Don’t forget to leave a comment on the PT article letting them know what you think…

Bullied at Work? You’re Not To Blame

Why are some adults more likely to blame themselves rather than the bully boss bearing down on them?

Calling all Unions – a golden opportunity to stop workplace bullying

Unions need to join fight to stop workplace bullying

Canada, Workplace Bullies, and The Law

Here’s an article from the Canadian Workplace Legal Post which is a reminder to everyone involved in the U.S. workplace bullying movement that a variety of solutions can, and should, be embraced and supported. Canada has been  strengthening their Workers Comp and OSHA regulations to be effective tools that can protect their workers: Big Jury Award Arising from Workplace Bullying Appropriate conduct in the workplace is ever changing. The most recent shift concerns bullying in the workplace, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the stern, often aggressive management styles of yesteryear may no longer be appropriate in… Read More

Canadian Expert Says Companies Who Condone Workplace Bullying Are Short-Sighted

here’s been a disturbing two-fold trend in workplace bullying. In short, employers are mistreating particular employees as a way to encourage these employees to quit and serving as an example to others to `tow the line, do more with and for less, shut up and put up or this will happen to you`. The targeted employee becomes the example to others who desire to keep their jobs in an unsettled economic climate. Since bullying is all about control it`s a way management gains the upper hand. Unfortunately, this `upper hand` is NOT the healthy control resulting from a hierarchy. Rather, this is the unhealthy control based on fear and it promotes the bullying culture in an environment.

Isn’t it time to re-link Workplace Violence and Workplace Bullying?


…The shootings came during an apparent counseling session between ICE supervisor Kevin Kozak and a lower-ranking supervisor, Agent Esequiel “Zeke” Garcia, where a third agent was in the room as a witness. During the hearing, Mr. Garcia allegedly drew his service weapon and shot Mr. Kozak six times. The third agent drew his weapon and killed Garcia… [February 18, 2012, CS Monitor] During the 1990′s workplace shootings were prominently splashed across headlines in the mainstream news.   In response the FBI joined together with prominent researchers and leaders in this area and… Read More


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