Washington Post Stands Behind Romney Bullying Story

mitt romney childhood bullying

A few weeks ago the Washington Post published an article about my documentary, WHAT KILLED KEVIN, about the pivotal story that put workplace bullying on the map.  Shortly after it was amended to include unsubstantiated information.  BUT, in a highly unusual move the Washington Post editors restored the article to original form. That gives all the more weight to the fact that the Washington Post is standing behind their article about Romney’s high school actions: 

Does HR Respond To Workplace Bullying Complaints?

Picture 36

Building a Tool Box for Victims of Workplace Bullying

New research challenges whether targets of workplace bullying are really powerless

Our ‘Must See TV’ Bullies

archival still tv

Janice Harper left a comment on my last post that stands on its own and really deserves to be read. She’s a cultural anthropologist and writes regular articles for the Huffington Post.  She’s one of the few bloggers out there who dares to raise insightful questions on the topic of workplace bullying: 

Nurse Jackie and the Workplace Bully – or is he?

nurse jackie

Last night I caught an episode of Nurse Jackie.  Paramedics quickly wheel a pregnant woman into the ER.  Dr Cruz, the newest member of the team who also happens to be in charge of everyone, tells a very pregnant Dr. O’Hara to step aside so he can take control.  It’s clear to viewers that Dr Cruz has falsely assumed he needs to protect a very pregnant, and therefore very weak, Dr. Ohara from an emotionally trying situation.  

Daring to Fault the Bully Label: Making WHAT KILLED KEVIN


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